11 & 12 June 2019, Tórshavn, Faroe Islands

The Barbershop Event and the Conference Gender Equality at Home and at Work are presented under the auspices of the Icelandic Presidency, by the Nordic Council of Ministers, in a partnership between the Prime Minister Office in Iceland and the Ministry of Social Affairs in the Faroe Islands. The primary aim is to create a platform for stakeholders to take directly part in the equality work of the Nordic Council of Ministers, as well as to discuss recent developments and status of gender equality in the Faroe Islands and in Iceland. The focus of both events will be on how men can contribute to improve gender balance in the workplace and caretaking at home.

The events build upon the Nordic Prime Ministers initiative “the Nordic Gender Effect at Work” consisting of four main components showcasing the importance of investment in public infrastructure for the advancement of gender equality. One of the components is the provision of paid parental leave, both maternity and paternity leave, universal access to affordable childcare, flexibility at work and an equal investment in the human resources of male and female employees to promote gender equality in leadership all of which promotes both economic and social benefits. In the Nordic countries both the public and private sector have come a long way in addressing gender inequality and offering work-life balance to men and women alike. Still, there is room for improvement and the entire society needs to be involved.

The Conference will showcase successful public policy, good practices from the private sector as well as academic insight into the benefits of gender equality both at home and in the workplace and the unconscious social norms that still inhibit progress.

Traditionally, the quest for gender equality has been led by women, with men largely missing from the debate. Barbershop events encourage men and boys to become actively engaged in promoting gender equality by better understanding how gender equality enables individuals and communities to reach their full economic and social potential.