FPS, Faroese Psychiatric Nurses

FPS is a interestgroup within the Faroese National Nurses organization FFS. The members of FPS are nurses, that work as psychatric nurses or have a special interest in this field of nursing. FPS was established in 1995 and has about fourty members


The aims of the organization is to support and encourage the members, developing their professional qualifications, in order to provide the best  psychiatric nursing  required at any given time.



The board has 12 annual meetings, at times even more. There are at least two annual meetings for members, in addition to the general assembly. In order to reach the aims of the organization, the board organises courses for members and other professionals, to support the development of skills and  professional Psychiatric nursing.



FPS is a member of PSSN ( The Nordic Psychiatric Nuses Cooporation). The  aim of PSSN  is to strengthen psychitric nursing in the Nordic. Every third year, the memeber countries take turn organizing a Nordic congress in association with PSSN.



FPS is also member of Horatio (European Psychiatric Nurses). The aims of the Association are twofold: To advocate for the intrest of the members by providing input into the decision-making processes on issues relevant to psychiatric an mental helth nursing in Europe and to promote the development of psychiatric and mental health nursing practice, education, management and reserach (www.horatio-web.eu).

Faroese Psychiatric Nurses





Psykiatriske Sygeplejerskers 
Samarbejde i Norden


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FPS Board

Birgit Andersen, chair of FPS

Eydna Iversen Lindenskov, vicechair of FPS

Jana Mortensen, member of FPS

Randi Borðoy, member of FPS

Kristianna Lund Dam, secretary of FPS

Anna Simonsen, treasurer