Keynote Speakers

Shaun Maher

Title of keynote: Talking less and listening more: the foundation of high quality healthcare 

Maria Andreassen Hentze

Title of keynote: My personal story of when my son became mentally ill

Tormóður Stórá

Title of keynote: Mental Health and stigmatisation in a small society, where psychiatry is a fairly new field of practice 

Róland í Skorini

Title of keynote: Meaning, Hope and Meaningless Suffering 

Nina Helen Mjøsund

Title of keynote: Service user involvement – experiences from doing research together

Tittel på keynote: Brukermedvirkning – erfaringer fra å gjøre forskning sammen 

Sebastian Gabrielsson

Title of keynote: “Myths of mental health nursing – poor excuses for poor practice?”

Dr. Sigrún Sigurðardóttir

Title of keynote: Childhood Sexual Abuse: Consequences and Holistic Intervention

Jesper Bak

Title of keynote: How to prevent coercion, using the Six Core Strategy as a framework, in Danish Mental Health

Heikki Ellilä 

Title of keynote: Mental Health Nursing Education – What´s Next? 

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