Thursday June 2


08.00-8.30        Registration

08.30-8.55       Welcome

Cartilage - How to deal with it 

Chairmen: Mark Easley and David Redfern

09.00-09.25      Lars Engebretsen: My developing approach in cartilage injury treatments

09.30-09.55     James Calder: Has there been any evolution in treatment of chondral lesions in the ankle? My experience with OATS procedure for large lesions in athletes

10.00-10.30      Coffee Break

10.30-10.55      Niek van Dijk: The difficult OLT - Why is it painful and my choices of treatment.

11.00-11.25      Richard D. Ferkel: OLT when everything has failed - My choices of treatment

11.30-12.00      Panel discussion 

12.00-13.00      Lunch Break

Arthroscopic Surgery of the Ankle and Hindfoot

Chairmen: Niek van Dijk and Richard D. Ferkel 

13.00-13.25      James Calder: Lessons I have learned with the scope

13.30-13.55      Richard D. Ferkel: Lessons I have learned with the scope

14.00-14.25      Niek van Dijk: Lessons I have learned with the scope

14.30-15.00      Coffee Break

15.00-15.15      Jakup Midjord: Artrhroscopic treatment of talar and calcaneal cysts 

15.20-15.35      Are Stødle: Peroneal tendon dislocation - Scopic treatment

15.40-15.45      Elisabeth E. Husebye: Arthroscopic FHL transfer

15.50-16.00      Discussion


Chairmen: Beat Hintermann and Kjetil Hvaal

16.00-16.20      Øystein B. Lian: Tendinopathy, definitions and basic science

16.25-16.40      Kjetil Hvaal: Characteristics and treatment for Tib Post Tendinopathy

16.45-17.00      Lars Kjetil Aas: Tendinopathy of the Peroneal Tendons 


17.00-18.30      Footloose in the café

Friday June 3

MIS - Minimally Invasive Surgery

Chairmen: Niek van Dijk and James Calder

08.30-08.45      David Redfern: MIS - My experiences, Forefoot

08.50-09.05      David Redfern: MIS - My experiences, Hindfoot

09.10-09.20      David Redfern: MIS - Future aspects

09.20-09.30      Discussion

09.30-10.00      Coffee Break

10.00-12.00 New concepts in Ankle Fracture treatment

Chairmen: Marius Molund and Lars Kjetil Aas

10.00-10.10     Fredrik Nilsen: Do we need classification systems to treat ankle fractures?

10.15-10.30     Ingrid Kvello Stake: Posterior malleolus - Why, when and how to fix?

10.35-10.50     Marius Molund: How to determine stability and choice of treatment in simple SER/Weber B fractures.

10.55-11.10     Martin Gregersen: Fibula fracture and medial ligament injury - Can the ankle still be stable? Anatomic and biomechanical perspectives.

11.10-11.25      Benedikte Wendt Ræder: Is there really a superior way to fix the syndemosis?

11.30-11.40      Asbjørn Sorteberg: Post-operative rehabilitation, does it influence outcome?

11.40-11.55      Marius Molund: Up to date treatment strategies in Ankle fractures

12.00-13.00      Lunch break

Syndesmotic Injuries

Chairmen: Mette Andersen and Kjetil Hvaal.

13.00-13.10      Metter Andersen: Diagnostics, do we need the MRI?

13.15-13.25      James Calder: High ankle sprain - scope and you will know

13.30-13.45      James Calder: Should this change our practice? 

Lisfrancs Injuries

Chairmen: Are Stødle and Elisabeth E. Husebye.

13.50-14.00      Wolfram Grün: How do we differentiate stable and unstable lesions? 

14.05-14.15      Are Stødle: Treatment strategies for the subtle injuries.

14.15-14.30      Are Stødle: Treatment of fracture luxations - when to fix and when to fuse?

14.30-15.00      Coffee Break

Calcaneal Fractures - Primary treatment and Sequelae

Chairmen: Mark Easley and David Redfern

15.00-15.15     Wolfram Grün: Percutaneous and arthroscopically assisted osteosynthesis vs sinus tarsi approach for Calcaneal fractures.

15.20-15.45      Mark Easley: Calcaneal Malunions - My approach

15.45-16.00      Discussion

16.00-16.15      Coffee Break

16.15-17.00      Niek van Dijk: Honorary lecture


17.00-18.30      Footloose in the café

Saturday June 4.


The diabetic foot

Charimen: Kjetil Hvaal, Øyvind Paulsrud

08.30-08.50      Fredrik Nilsen: The challenging diabetic foot

08.55-09.15      Ralph Springfeldt: Foot Amputations - Pearls and Pitfalls

09.15-09.30      Discussion 

Ankle Instability

Chairmen; James Calder and Richard D. Ferkel

09.30-09.50      Roxa Ruiz: Lateral Instability - What are the challenges?

09.55-10.05      Are Stødle: Arthroscopic lateral ankle ligament repair - evidence based or fashion?

10.05-10.35      Cofee Break

10.35-10.45      Are Stødle: Is the supportive suture tape necessary?

10.50-11.00      James Calder: Lateral ligament repair - Why I use mini-open in the athletes

11.05-11.25      Beat Hintermann: Medial Instability - What are the challenges?

11.30-11.50      Mark Easley: Subtalar Instability - What are the challenges?

11.50-12.00      Discussion

12.00-13.00      Lunch Break

Forefoot / Miscellaneous

Charimen: Morten Eikrem and Andreas Dietze

13.00-13.10      Elisabeth E. Husebye: Arthroscopic plantar plate reconstruction 

13.15-13.25      Morten Eikrem: Arthroscopic MTP1 fusion

13.30-13.40      Marius Molund: Gastrocnemius release - When and how?

13.45-14.05      Mark Easley - Forefoot

14.10-14.30      Beat Hintermann - Forefoot

14.30-15.00      Coffee Break

Closing Session – In honor of the founders

Chairmen: Jakup Midjord and Lars Kjetil Aas

15.00-15.20      Andreas Dietze: The Stainsby procedure. 

15.25-15.55      Kjetil Hvaal: 20 years development of foot and ankle surgery in Norway


16.00-17.30      Footloose in the café


19.00               Gala dinner 


Minor changes and adjustments in the programme may occur