• Committees

organizing committee 

Conference co-chairs    

Professor Philippe Grandjean, MD, PhD

Department of Environmental Medicine, University of Southern Denmark
Department of Environmental Health, Harvard School of Public Health
Email: pgrandjean@health.sdu.dk


Professor and chief physician Pál Weihe, MD

Department of Occupational Medicine and Public Health, The Faroese Hospital System
Center of Health Science, University of the Faroes
Email: pal@health.fo

Scientific Committee

Robert Barouki (France)
Ruth Etzel (U.S. EPA)
Jerry Heindel (USA)
Karin Hougaard (European Teratology Society)
Reiko Kishi (BICCA, Japan)
Latifa Najar (DOHaD, France)
Jon Øyvind Odland (AMAP)
Gail Prins (Clarity Project, USA)
Michael Ross (DOHaD, USA)
Jordi Sunyer (INMA, Spain)
Roel Vermeulen (ICOH-epidemiology)
Peter van den Hazel (INCHES)

PPTOX is supported by:


PPTOX is organized in collaboration with:

Birth Cohort Consortium of Asia (BiCCA)

Developmental Origins of Health and Disease (DOHaD) Society of France

Developmental Origins of Health and Disease (DOHaD) Society of U.S

European Teratology Society 

International Commission on Occupational Health (ICOH) Scientific Committee on Epidemiology 

International Network on Children’s Health, Environment and Safety (INCHES) 

International Society for Children's Health and the Environment (ISCHE)

International Society for Environmental Epidemiology 


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Local organizing committee:

  • Turið Arge, Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Health
  • Sigurð í Jákupsstovu, Rector, University of Faroes
  • Magni Mohr, Dean, Faculty of Health Science, University of the Faroes
  • Pál Weihe, Head of Department of Occupational Medicine and Public Health

Local support

The organizers aim at securing an appropriate representation of women, minorities, and persons with disabilities at PPTOX. All conference facilities are easily accessible, and shuttle buses will connect to the hotels. The support team will provide any practical help needed. Resources will be made available to participants in regard to child care and other types of family care at the conference site and at the hotels. Advice will also be offered regarding sightseeing, bird-watching, and arts.

Managing committee:

  • Maria Skaalum, associate professor (chairman)
  • Elsa Olsen, executive secretary
  • Ronny Jacobsen, secretary
  • Marita Hansen, secretary
  • Jónrit Halling, associate professor
  • Marin Strøm, associate professor
  • Anna Sofía Veyhe, assistant professor
  • Ulrike Steuerwald, pediatrician
  • Fróði Debes, psychologist
  • Turið Hammer, phd-student
  • Annbjørg á Høvdanum, phd-student
  • Eina Eliassen, phd-student
  • Ester Weihe, phd-student
  • Dora McGavin, assistant
  • Tórstein Christiansen, Green Gate Incoming