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The Nordic House, Tórshavn, Faroe Islands, May 27-30, 2018




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Monday, 28 May


Høllin (H)

Plenary Session 1: Research priorities in children’s environmental health

Chairs: Ruth Etzel (USA) and Peter van den Hazel (Netherlands)


O001: The interface between the Faroese community and the birth cohorts

Pál Weihe


O002: The Faroese birth cohort studies and their wider impacts

Philippe Grandjean


O003: Children as sentinels: Pre‐ and post‐natal brain development and urban air pollution

Jordi Sunyer (Spain)


O004: Prenatal air pollution exposure and newborn thyroid function: Identifying vulnerable windows of exposure

Caitlin Howe (USA)


O005: Maternal thyroid hormone levels in mid gestation and IQ scores in preschool‐aged children: Effect measure modification by child sex

Samantha Drover (USA)


O006: Developmental exposures to perfluoroalkyl substances and risk of type 2 diabetes in Faroese adults

Damaskini Valvi (USA)


Høllin (H)

Plenary Session 2: Mechanistic evidence on developing origins of health and disease

Chairs: Latifa Najar (France) and Michael Ross (USA)


O036: Validity of animal models of developmental toxicity

Pascale Chavatte-Palmer (France)


O037: Epigenetic DNA methylation-mediated programmed reduced neural stem cell proliferation and differentiation in SGA offspring

Michael Ross (USA)


O038: Epigenetic abnormalities in children exposed to toxicants

Andrea Baccarelli (USA)


O039:  Role of dietary AGEs on oxidative stress and metabolic diseases

Latifa Najar (France)


O040: Endocrine disruptors and developmental programming of brain and behavior

Andrea Gore (USA)





Tuesday, 29 May


Høllin (H)

Plenary Session 3: A decade of new insight since the first PPTox

Chairs: Philippe Grandjean (Denmark) and Marie Vahter (Sweden)


O041: The developmental basis of disease: Environmental exposures and animal models II

Jerry Heindel (USA)


O042: The carcinogenic potential of non-ionizing radiation

Morando Soffritti (Italy)


O043: Clinical lessons from endocrine disruption effects on the male reproductive system

Niels Skakkebæk (Denmark)


O044: Two decades of research on air pollution and reproductive outcomes: What do we know and is there more to be done?

Beate Ritz (USA)




Høllin (H)

Plenary Session 4: Critical exposures and target organs for developmental toxicity

Chairs: Tony Fletcher (UK) and Leslie Stayner (USA)


O070: Multiorgan effects of nanoparticle exposures in pregnancy

Karin Sørig Hougaard (Denmark)


O071: Environmental exposures during early‐life and child blood pressure: an exposome approach

Charline Warembourg (Spain)


O072: EDCs and the transgenerational inheritance of obesity

Bruce Blumberg (USA)


O073: In utero exposure to cigarette smoke is associated with sex and age specific changes in NAFLD pathway

Chiara Talia (UK)


O074: The developing pancreas is a sensitive organ of toxicant exposures

Alicia Timme-Laragy (USA)


O075: Interaction of melamine and di‐(2‐ethylhexyl) phthalate exposure on markers of early renal damage in children: The 2011 Taiwan food scandal

Ming-Tsang Wu (Taiwan)



Wednesday, 30 May


Høllin (H)

Plenary Session 5: Uncertainty and replication of BPA developmental toxicity

Chairs: Jerry Heindel (USA) and Gail Prins (USA)


O076: The CLARITY-BPA research program: Overview of study design, highlighting elements expected to contribute to data quality and integrity

Luísa Camacho (USA)


O077: Effects of bisphenol A on incidence and severity of cardiac lesions in the NCTR-Sprague-Dawley rat: A CLARITY-BPA study

Scott Belcher (USA)


O078: CLARITY on brain and behavior: Reproducible evidence of low dose effects

Heather Patisaul (USA)


O079: Chronic low-dose BPA effects on rat prostate stem cells and estrogen-driven carcinogenesis

Gail Prins (USA)


O080: Replication – The devil is in the details

Fred vom Saal (USA)




Høllin (H)

Plenary Session 6: Scientific priorities and public health implications

Chairs: Gerard Lasfargues (France) and Hiroshi Satoh (Japan)


O095: Research priorities in environment and health in Europe

Marco Martuzzi (WHO)


O096: Environmental hazards as a threat to children’s health

Ruth Etzel (USA)


O097: Birth cohorts and DOHaD research supported by the U.S. government

Thad Schug (USA)


O098: The Precautionary Principle in action

Hans Bruyninckx (EEA)



Philippe Grandjean (Denmark): Conference summary and visions


Parallel sessions 


Monday, 28 May   



Symposium 1: Høllin (H)


Implications of placenta dysfunction

Chairs: Jane Cleal (UK) and Johanna Lepeule (France)

Symposium 2: Skálin (S)


Benefits and risks from dietary intakes

Chairs: Latifa Najar (France) and Michael Ross (USA)

Focused discussion 1: Klingran (K)


Target organs

Chairs: Andrea Gore (USA) and Marco Martuzzi (WHO)


O007: The placenta may mediate the effects of environmental exposures on fetal development

Jane Cleal (UK)

O012: Early‐life exposure to toxic and essential elements and child development: a longitudinal cohort in rural Bangladesh

Marie Vahter (Sweden)

O016: Effects of environmental levels of EE2 on zebrafish embryo development: A systems level analysis

Gary Hardiman (USA)


O008 Effects of prenatal exposure to phthalates and phenols on fetal and placental weights

Claire Philippat (France)


O013: Early‐life selenium status and cognitive function in childhood

Helena Skröder (Sweden)

O017: The HERACLES Waste study: unraveling the associations between prenatal exposure to metals, post‐natal exposure to environmental and dietary factors and child cognitive capacity

Denis Sarigiannis (Greece)


O009: Changes in plasma membrane‐bound placental molecular transporters suggests mechanisms of fetal disease in response to maternal smoking

Natasha E. Walker (UK)

O014: Drivers of the accumulation of mercury and organochlorine pollutants in Mediterranean lean fish and dietary significance

Joan Grimalt (Spain)

O018: Impact of in utero lead and arsenic exposure on early childhood blood pressure

Shohreh Farzan (USA)


O010: Pregnancy exposure to tobacco smoking, atmospheric pollution and meteorological conditions and placental DNA methylation

Johanna Lepeule (France)

O015: Impact of dietary exposure to food contaminants on the risk of dementia

Maria S Petersen (Faroe Islands)

O019: Sexually dimorphic effects of endocrine-disrupting chemicals on brain and behavior

Andrea Gore (USA)


O011 Maternal smoking is associated with changes in drug metabolising enzymes in the human fetus

Aikaterini Zafeiri (UK)

Poster summaries

P001: A multidisciplinary approach to study the critical role of early life nutrition in brain development: from birth cohorts to animal studies and backwards in the SELENIUS project

Gemma Calamandrei (Italy)

P002: Essential metals status during pregnancy is associated with decreased childhood cardio‐metabolic risk

Allison Kupsco (USA)

P003: The importance of maternal diet quality during pregnancy on cognitive and behavioural outcomes in children: a systematic review and meta‐analysis

Tiril Borge (Norway)

P004: Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons‐born risk and nutrients‐born benefits in the diet of pregnant women in Korea

Sung Ok Kwon (Korea)

P005: Correlates of maternal diet during pregnancy

Wojciech Hanke (Poland)

P006: Impact of micronutrients during pregnancy on children’s health and neurodevelopment

Wojciech Hanke (Poland)

O020: Sex differences in metabolic disturbances due to maternal exposure to organophosphate flame retardants

Troy Roepke (USA)


Poster summaries

P007: Prenatal exposure to organochlorine compounds and lung function until early adulthood

Maribel Casas (Spain)

P008: Interpretation of heart rate variability in light of methylmercury neurotoxicity: A review

Kanae Karita (Japan)

P009: Prenatal exposure to methylmercury and mortality

Maria S Petersen (Faroe Islands)

P010: Regulatory effects of NADPH oxidase on cytotoxicity during alveolar epithelial cell differentiation

Woo Jin Kim (the Republic of Korea)

General discussion: Chairs and presenters




Symposium 3: Høllin (H)


Endocrine dysfunction

Chairs: Tina K. Jensen (Denmark) and Thad Schug (USA)

Symposium 4: Skálin (S)


Developments in exposure assessment

Chairs: Marike Kolossa-Gehring (Germany) and Argelia Castaño (Spain)

Focused discussion 2: Klingran (K)


Neurodevelopmental syndromes

Chairs: Sandra Ceccatelli (Sweden) and Dave Saint-Amour (Canada)



O021: Pregnancy is a vulnerable period for the mother: effects of xenoestrogens on lactation and mammary gland health

Laura Vandenberg (USA)

O026: Key issues on the use of biological monitoring to identify developmental exposures and health risks - the HBM4EU approach

 Marike Kolossa-Gehring (Germany)

O031: Novel endocrine disrupting potential of methylmercury uncovered using a sequential testing approach

Sandra Ceccatelli (Sweden)



O022: PFAS exposure and shortened duration of breastfeeding

Amalie Timmermann (Denmark)

O027: Use of HBM data and biomarkers in the French Elfe cohort

Clémentine Dereumeauz (France)

O032: Visual function in school‐age Guadeloupean children exposed to chlordecone

Dave Saint-Amour (Canada)



O023: Non-linearity in the dose response relationship of PFOA and sex hormones in early childhood

Tony Fletcher (UK)

O028: Exposure to phthalate metabolites and personal care products chemicals in Pregnant Women in Israel

Ronit Machtinger (Israel)

O033: Prenatal Pesticide Exposure and Autism in Children

Ondine von Ehrenstein (USA)



O024: Maternal bisphenol A exposure associated with language development but not ADHD in toddlers among 538 mother-child pairs in the Odense Child Cohort

Tina K. Jensen (Denmark)

O029: Prenatal methylmercury exposure

Ajda Trdin (Slovenia)

O034: Prenatal exposure to organophosphate pesticides and risk of autism spectrum disorders and other non‐typical development at 3 years in a high‐risk cohort

Claire Philippat (France)



O025: High exposure to PFAS and thyroid hormones in children and teenagers

Kristina Jakobsson (Sweden)


Poster summaries

P011: Perfluoroalkyl substances and glycemic status in pregnant Danish women: The Odense Child Cohort

Richard Christian Jensen (Denmark)


O030: Temporal trends of organochlorine compounds and PBDEs from utero until 4 years of age in the Asturias INMA birth cohort (Spain)

Mercè Garí (Germany)


Poster summaries

P012: Patterns of toxic and essential metal concentrations in blood measured in midpregnancy: The Norwegian Environmental Biomonitoring Program

Ida Henriette Caspersen (Norway)

P013: Variability of the non‐persistent chemical exposome in pregnant women and school-age children

Maribel Casas (Spain)

P014: HBM4EU: Human biomonitoring for the European Union. Protecting human health in Europe by looking at chemical exposure

Joana Lobo Vicente (Denmark)

P015: Mercury levels in pregnant women and newborns in Uruguay: preliminary results

Amalia Laborde (Uruguay)

O035: Gestational Exposure to Phthalates and Attention‐Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder in the Norwegian Mother and Child Cohort

Stephanie Engel (USA)


Poster summaries

P016: Early‐life exposure to POPs in human breast milk and ASD in HUMIS‐NOMIC cohort

Anteneh Assefa Desalegn (Norway)

P017: Autism Spectrum Disorder and vitamin D levels at birth: A case control study

Jónrit Halling (Faroe Islands)

P018: Dietary exposure to pyrethroids and chlorpyrifos during pregnancy and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) symptoms in preschool children

Helle Raun Andersen (Denmark)

P019: Neonatal thyroid stimulating hormone and relationship with childhood ADHD

Gro Dehli Villanger (Norway)

P020: Gestational PFAS concentrations and thyroid hormone levels in Faroese pregnant women and newborns

Youssef Oulhote (USA)

P021: Prenatal exposure to perfluoroalkyl substances and associations with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder symptoms and cognitive functions in children

Thea Steen Skogheim (Norway)






Tuesday, 29 May


Symposium 5: Høllin (H)


Systemic and immunotoxic effects Chairs: Jamie Dewitt (USA) and Greet Schoeters (Belgium)

Symposium 6: Skálin (S)


Systemic and immunotoxic effects

Chairs: Karin Sørig Hougaard (Denmark) and Tom Webster (USA)

Focused discussion 3: Klingran (K)


From research to intervention

Chairs: David Gee (UK) and John Peterson Myers (USA)


O045: Linking experimental findings on obesogens to epidemiology

Jérémy Botton (France)


O049: Does perinatal light imprint circadian clocks and systems (PLICCS) and predispose to increased risks of cancer?

Thomas Erren (Germany)

O053: Biases in Evaluating Causality and in taking Precautionary Actions.

David Gee (UK)



O046: Impact of early-life environmental factors on the developing immune system

Jamie Dewitt (USA)

O050: Children’s urinary environmental carbon load

Tim Nawrot (Belgium)


O054: Late and delayed lessons on PFASs

Philippe Grandjean (Denmark)



O047: Prenatal mercury exposure in relation to immune outcomes in the New Hampshire Birth Cohort Study

Margaret Karagas (USA)

O051: Child molecular signatures of the prenatal and postnatal exposome in HELIX

Léa Maitre (Spain)

Poster summaries: Klingran (K)


P030: A comparative approach to assessing lifestage‐dependent susceptibility to estrogenic agent exposures and cancer development

Mona Dai (USA)

P031: Approaches for considering fetal and early postnatal life stages in environmental health risk assessment

Katherine Fallace (USA)

P032: Opportunities and challenges for children’s environmental health in the developing world

Kam Sripada (Norway)

P033: A story of health multimedia eBook improves environmental health literacy of thousands of health professionals

Marya G. Zlatnik (USA):

P034: A recipe for prevention: Embedding environmental health in healthcare

Marya G. Zlatnik (USA)



O048: Prenatal exposure to polychlorinated biphenyls and serum antibody concentration against measles, mumps, and rubella

Stephanie Donauer (USA)

O052: Joint and individual neurotoxic effects of early life exposures to a chemical mixture: A multi‐pollutant approach combining ensemble learning and G‐computation

Youssef Oulhote (USA)

General discussion: Klingran (K)


Chairs and presenters




Poster summaries

P022: Prenatal exposure to perfluoroalkyl substances and immune and respiratory outcomes in children from a Spanish birth cohort study

Maribel Casas (Spain)

P023: Contrasting associations between exposure to environmental marine pollutants and reports of immune system disorders

Youssef Oulhote (USA):

P024: Maternal concentrations of persistent organochlorine pollutants and diagnoses of infections in the offspring during 25 years of follow up

Marin Strøm (Faroe Islands)

P025: In utero and chronic exposure to PCB-153 induces oxidative stress in SXR knockout mice resulting in anemia and tumor development

Riann Egusquiza (USA)

Poster summaries

P026: Are maternal occupational exposure to combined lifting and psychosocial strain associated to growth in utero or gestational length?

Karin Sørig Hougaard (Denmark)

P027: A transgenerational study in mice: Chronic low grade pre-conceptional oxidative stress to grandfathers and susceptibility of grandsons

Hildegunn Dahl (Norway)

P028: Time trends in urinary levels of bisphenol A and six analogues in young Danish men

Hanne Frederiksen (Denmark)

P029: Transplacental transfer efficiency and blood partitioning of perfluoralkyl substances

Youssef Oulhote (USA)





Symposium 7: Høllin (H)


Reproductive functions

Chairs: Melissa Perry (USA) and Maria S. Petersen (Faroe Islands)

Symposium 8: Skálin (S)


Molecular approaches

Chairs: Patricia Hunt (USA) and Tim Nawrot (Belgium)

Focused discussion 4: Klingran (K)


Pesticides and other neurotoxicants

Chairs: Gemma Calamanderi (Italy) and Stephanie Engel (USA) (TBC)


O055: Maternal exposure to an environmentally relevant mixture of brominated flame retardants effects ovarian function in the dam and in her progeny

Barbara Hales (Canada)

O060: Environmental effects on spermatogeneisis

Patricia Hunt (USA)


O065: Developing zebrafish models to identify neurobehavioral toxic risks

Edward Levin (USA)



O056: Sperm aneuploidy in a birth cohort of Faroese Men exposed to p,p’-DDE and PCB pollutants

Melissa Perry (USA)

O061: Environmental exposures target epigenomic plasticity to reprogram Egr1 and one-carbon metabolism

Lindsey Trevino (USA)

O066: Methylmercury toxicity targets embryonic muscle myogenesis

Matthew Rand (USA)


O057: Influence of androgen receptor CAG repeat length on the effect of perfluorooctanoic acid on male reproductive function

Gunnar Toft (Denmark)


O062: Associations between relative leukocyte telomere length in paired maternal‐newborn samples and financial strain, perceived stress and psychological distress

Whitney Cowell (USA)

O067: Cadmium exposure and cognitive abilities and behavior at 10 years of age: A prospective cohort study

Klara Gustin (Sweden)



O058: Prenatal exposure to glycol ethers and variations in sex steroid hormones at birth

Charline Warembourg (France)

O063: p53 cord blood level and air pollution induced molecular ageing in early life

Tim Nawrot (Belgium)


O068: CHC‐modeling of neuropsychological test data ‐ The third Faroese Birth Cohort

Fróði Debes (Denmark)


O059: Multidirectional matrix of endocrine disruptor mechanisms affecting perinatal development

Aleksandra Fucic (Croatia)


O064: Gene expression and DNA methylation changes in the hypothalamus and hippocampus of adult rats developmentally exposed to Bisphenol A or Ethinyl Estradiol: A CLARITY‐BPA Consortium Study

Cheryl Rosenfeld (USA)

O069: Medium throughput procedures for species-specific, functional analyses of developing human, rat and mouse primary neurospheres for developmental neurotoxicity evaluation

Ellen Fritsche (Germany)



Poster summaries

P035: PCB, DDE, methylmercury and secondary sex ratio

Amalie Timmermann (Denmark)

P036: Perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA) in early pregnancy and risk for preeclampsia

Lars Rylander (Sweden)

P037: Impact of di‐2‐ethylhexyl phthalate metabolites on male reproductive function: A systematic review of human evidence

Birgit Bjerre Høyer (Denmark)

P038. Influence of phthalate and phthalate alternatives exposure on human sperm DNA methylation

Richard Pilsner (USA)


Poster summaries

P039: Analysis of methylation and mRNA expression microarray for finding VOCs specific methylation biomarkers

Jeong Jin Ahn (the Republic of Korea)

P040: Linking environmental chemicals to health outcomes using a computational systems toxicology approach.

Karine Audouze (France)

P041: Relationship between DNA methylation status in cord tissue and residue levels of PCBs in paired cord serum

Chisato Mori (Japan)

Poster summaries

P042. Human exposure to organophosphate and pyrethroid pesticides in occupational and general populations in Catalonia and Galicia (Spain)

Mercè Garí (Germany)

P043. Intellectual ability of boys is affected by prenatal exposure to methylmercury in a birth cohort study in Japan

Nozomi Tatsuta (Japan)

P044. Prenatal methylmercury exposure and genetic interaction on child cognitive function: An extended study

Jordi Julvez (Spain)

P045: Low‐level mercury exposure, neurodevelopment and the role of genetic polymorphisms: evidence from Slovenian and Croatian birth cohorts

 Janja Snoj Tratnik (Slovenia)

P046. Seafood intake during pregnancy and child motor and communication skills at 1.5, 3 and 5 years: Results from MoBa

Ida Henriette Caspersen (Norway)

P047. Impact of in utero arsenic exposure on early childhood motor development

Erin Butler (USA)

P048. Characterizing the cognitive and behavioural outcomes in HELIX sub‐cohort children

Kristine Bjerve Gutzkow (Norway)

P049. Adverse Outcome Pathway analysis of prenatal combined exposure to heavy metals and phthalates related to child neurodevelopment

Denis Sarigiannis (Greece)


Wednesday, 30 May


Symposium 9: Høllin (H))


Arctic populations at risk

Chairs: Jon Øyvind Odland (Norway) and Pal Weihe (Faroe Islands)

Symposium 10: Skálin (S)


Collaboration between birth cohorts

Chairs: Maribel Casas (Spain) and Reiko Kishi (Japan)

Focused discussion 5: Klingran (K)


The gut microbiome

Chairs: Merete Eggesbø (Norway) and Derrick MacFabe (Canada)


O081. Health effects associated with measured levels of contaminants in the Arctic

Pal Weihe (Faroe Islands)

O086. Birth cohorts in Asia: The importance, advantages and disadvantages of different-sized cohorts

Reiko Kishi (Japan)

O091. Maternal lifestyle factors and infant gut microbiome

Merete Eggesbø (Norway)


O082. Spermatogenic capacity in young Faroese men with elevated exposure to persistent pollutants

Maria S Petersen (Faroe Islands)


O087. Lessons learned in cross‐cohort collaborations in Europe

Maribel Casas (Spain)


O092. Enteric short chain fatty acids: microbial messengers of metabolism, mitochondria and mind: Implications in autism spectrum disorders

Derrick MacFabe (Canada)


O083: Levels and effects of persistent toxic substances on pregnancy outcomes in the Eastern Arctic Hemisphere. The Norwegian‐Russian story.

.Jon Øyvind Odland (Norway)

O088. Biomarkers of exposure during pregnancy: potential for bias amplification in studies of mixtures or multiple time‐windows

Thomas Webster (USA)

O093. Gut microbiome characteristics associated with fish‐meal methylmercury metabolism and elimination

Matthew Rand (USA)


O084. The Greenlandic birth cohort ACCEPT

Eva Cecilie Bonefeld‐Jørgensen (Denmark)


O089. Prenatal exposure to endocrine disrupting chemicals and risk of being born small for gestational age: Pooled analysis of seven European birth cohorts

Eva Govarts (Belgium)

O094. Environmental contaminants in breast milk are associated with gut bacteria composition and their metabolites in infants one-month old

Nina Iszatt (Norway)


O085. The prevalence of type 2 diabetes in the Faroe Islands

Anna Sofía Veyhe (Faroe Islands)


O090. Residential exposure to fine particulate air pollution and maternal physiological stress in the second trimester of pregnancy

Veerle Verheyen (Belgium)



Poster summaries

P058. Irreversible effects of trichloroethylene on gut microbial community and gut associated immune responses

Sarah Blossom (USA)

P059. Inflammatory Bowel Diseases in Faroese-born Danish residents and their offspring: Further evidence of the dominant role of environmental factors in IBD development

Turið Hammer (Faroe Islands)


Poster summaries

P050. Precursors of perfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) as contributors to serum concentrations in young Faroese men

Flemming Nielsen (Denmark)

P051. Examining changes in persistent organochlorine pollutants following high consumption of farmed Atlantic Salmon: Results from an 8‐week dietary intervention study

Thorhallur Ingi Halldorsson (Iceland)

P052. Gestational diabetes mellitus and umbilical cord serum 25-hydroxyvitamin D – a pooled analysis of two Faroese population-based birth cohorts

Christine Dalgård (Denmark)

P053. Can Profiles of Poly- and Perfluoroalkyl Substances (PFASs) in Human Serum Provide Information on Major Exposure Sources?

Elsie Sunderland (USA)


General discussion: Chairs and presenters

Poster summaries

P054. Can disease start with perinatal light? Opportunities for “old” and “new” birth cohort studies to test a novel environmental hypothesis

Philip Lewis (Germany)

P055. Social determinants of measured concentrations of environmental chemicals in pregnant women and their children

Parisa Montazeri (Spain)

P056. ECHO Originating from the NICHD Fetal Growth Studies

Danielle Stevens (USA)

P057. Cohort profile: The Human Early Life Exposome (HELIX) study ‐ A European population‐based exposome cohort

Léa Maitre (Spain)


General discussion


Chairs and presenters