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Conference Programme

DRAFT PPTOX VI program (as of 8 January 2018) 

Time (approx)

Sun, 27 May

Mon, 28 May

Tues, 29 May

Wed, 30 May

8:00- 9:00


Breakfast discussion



Plenary I

Plenary 3

Plenary 5






3 Symposia

3 Symposia

3 Symposia


Lunch & posters

Lunch & posters






3 Focused discussions

3 Focused discussions

Plenary 6




Summary/ closing


Plenary 2

Plenary 4

Ferry trip

to Suderoy t/r

with dinner


Opening session


Posters /snacks



(Film screening)

(Cultural event)

Opening session at the University of the Faroe Islands:

Chair: Pal Weihe (Faroe Islands)

Siðrið Steenberg, Faroese Minister of Health – Welcome to the Faroes

Annika Olsen, Mayor, Welcome to the capital Tórshavn

Sigurð í Jákupsstovu, Rector, University of Faroe Islands: Welcome to Faroese University

Kim Brøsen, editor-in-chief, BCPT: The role of scientific journals in promoting health

Pal Weihe: The interface between the Faroese community and the birth cohorts

Philippe Grandjean: The Faroese birth cohort studies and their wider impacts



Plenary 1: A decade of new insight since the first PPTOX  

Chairs: Philippe Grandjean (Denmark) and TBN

Jerry Heindel (USA): Experimental insight into fetal origins of adult disease

Morando Soffritti (Italy): Lifetime carcinogenic effects of non-ionizing radiation

Niels Skakkebæk (Denmark): Clinical lessons from endocrine disruption effects in males

Beate Ritz (USA): Chronic and transgenerational effects of air pollution

Plenary 2: Mechanistic evidence on developing origins of health and disease

Chairs: Michael Ross (USA) and Latifa Najar (France)

Andrea Baccarelli (USA): Epigenetic abnormalities in children exposed to toxicants

Andrea Gore (USA):  Sexually dimorphic effects of endocrine-disrupting chemicals on brain and behavior

Pascale Chavatte-Palmer (France): Validity of animal models of developmental toxicity

Jérémy Botton (France): Linking experimental findings on obesogens to epidemiology

Plenary 3: Research priorities in children’s environmental health

Chairs: Peter van den Hazel (Netherlands) and TBN

Jordi Sunyer (Spain): Children as sentinels of environmental hazards

Contributed papers

Plenary 4: Critical exposures and target organs for developmental toxicity

Chairs: Roel Vermeulen (Netherlands) and TBN

Karin Hougaard (Denmark): Multiorgan effects of nanoparticle exposures

Contributed papers

Plenary 5: Uncertainty in science and the role of replication: The Clarity BPA project

Chairs: Jerry Heindel (USA) and TBN

Scott Belcher (USA): Cardiac toxicity associated with prenatal BPA exposure

Heather Patisaul (USA): Finding CLARITY on BPA and the developing brain

Gail Prins (USA):  Chronic low-dose BPA effects on rat prostate stem cells and estrogen-driven carcinogenesis

Fred vomSaal (USA): Replication – The devil in the details

Plenary 6: Scientific priorities and public health implications

Chairs: TBN

Hans Bruyninckx (EEA): Linking EU research to environmental policies

Ruth Etzel (USA): Environmental hazards as a threat to children’s health

Matthew Gillman (USA): Visions for research collaboration (TBC)

Conference summary


Topics and chairs/introductory speakers (each session will include 3-4 contributed papers) 

  1. Implications of placenta dysfunction

Jane Cleal (UK) and Johanna Lepeule (France)

  1. Growth and metabolic outcomes

Cheryl Walker (USA) and Tina K. Jensen (Denmark) 

  1. Systemic and immunotoxic effects

Jamie Dewitt (USA) and TBN 

  1. Preconception and male reproductive toxicity

Melissa Perry (USA) and Maria S Petersen (Faroe Islands) 

  1. Arctic populations at risk

Jon Øyvind Odland (Norway) and Pal Weihe (Faroe Islands) 

  1. The role of exposure assessment in causality determination

Marike Kolossa (Germany), Greet Schoeters (Belgium), and Argelia Castaño (Spain) 

  1. Dietary deficiencies, excesses and contamination

Michael Ross (USA) and Latif Najar (France) 

  1. Emerging toxicants

Karin Hougaard (Denmark) and Timothy Nurkiewicz (USA) 

  1. Transgenerational effects

Patricia Hunt (USA) and Remy Slama (France)

Focused discussions

Topics and chairs/introductory speakers (poster authors will be invited to summarize) 

  1. The gut microbiome and multi-organ effects

Merete Eggesbø (Norway) and Derrick MacFabe (Canada) 

  1. Endocrine disruption and metabolic disease

Bruce Blumberg (USA) and TBN 

  1. Sex-dependent outcomes

Andrea Gore (USA) and TBN 

  1. Neurotoxicity mechanisms and implications

Sandra Ceccatelli (Sweden) and R. Thomas Zoeller (USA) 

  1. Interaction between researchers and regulatory agencies

David Gee (UK) and John Peterson Myers (USA) 

  1. Collaboration between birth cohorts

Reiko Kishi (Japan) and Maribel Casas (Spain)

Three more discussion sessions (TBD)


Breakfast discussions (TBD)