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Keynote Katarina Nolsøe

Title of presentation: "The Search for being"

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Keynote Jason Leitch

National Clinical Director,
Healthcare Quality and Improvement
Scottish Goverment.

Title of presentation: "Using Quality Improvement across the Public Sector: Lessons from Scotland”

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Keynote Sirið Stenberg

Minister of Health and the Interior
Faroese Government

Title of presentation: “Equality in health” 

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Keynote Geoff Brennan

Executive Director, STAR WARDS

Title of presentation: "Safewards – user friendly culture change?"

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Keynote Dirk Richter

Head of Research and Development, Center for Psychiatric Rehabilitation, University Bern Psychiatric Services and Senior Nursing Researcher, Health Division, Bern University of Applied Sciences

Title of presentation: "Housing for people with mental illness: Preferences, outcomes and what mental health professionals can do about it" 

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Keynote Agnes Higgins

Prof Agnes Higgins PhD; MSc; BNS; RPN; RGN; RNT

Title of presentation: "Sexual safety: the neglected discourse in mental health"

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Keynote Simon Tulloch

BSc, MSc, Improvement Coach and Senioradvisor.

Title of presentation: "If you see something, say something"

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Keynote Michael Schulz

Prof. Dr. rer. medic. habil. Michael Schulz
Psychiatrische Pflege
Fachhochschule der Diakonie gemeinnützige GmbH
University of Applied Sciences

Title of presentation: "Safety aspects within the scope of person – centered care and self – determination in psychiatric settings"

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Keynote Thomas Kearns

Professor Thomas Kearns. Interim Chief Executive Officer. International Council of Nurses. 

Title of presentation: "Patient and Nurse Safety"

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