Day #1 Arranged as a plenum session under the main theme.

Day #2: Arranged as until four parallel sessions selected from these respective headlines:

  • Arable plants for the High North; potentials within plant breeding and the gain from Crop Wild Relatives.

  • Future farming options in the High North as a consequence of the predicted land releases due to climate change

  • Contributions from farming and affiliated economic activities to more resilient local communities and stronger local economy in the High North

  • Digitization as a motorway for wider market access for the products and services deriving from resources in the High North

  • Gender equality and demographic distribution in the High North region, prospects, challenges and remedies.

Gala dinner on 6 September
A gala dinner will be held on the 6 September, at Panorama - Hotel Hafnia. The cost includes a 3 course dinner, locally sourced, in-season produce. the ingredients are local from Faroese farmers. 

Day # 3: A field excursion.