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    Magnificent Greenland


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Magnificent Greenland

This program takes you on an unique journey to Greenland. Experience the capital Nuuk, which is a wonderful blend between modern civilization and tradition. Coastal cruise with Arctic Umiaq Line up the coast where locals get on and off, pass the Arctic Circle and sail through the spectacular Icefjord to the town Ilulissat, which has a magnificent view of the Disko Bay and icebergs.

  • TRAVEL: Thursday from Copenhagen and return to Copenhagen Tursday - 8 days | 7 nights
  • FLIGHT FROM: Copenhagen/Nuuk/Ilulissat/Copenhagen (incl. in the price)

Itinerary: Individual tour 

THURSDAY: Copenhagen - Kangerlussuaq - Nuuk
Depart from Copenhagen with Air Greenland. The first sight of Greenland is very special and makes a big impression.

Your first stop is in Kangerlussuaq where you change flight to Nuuk.

After check-inn explore the capital of Greenland. A busy city surrounded by magnificent nature, that most citizens use actively all year round.

In Nuuk you find gourmet restaurants and very nice boutique shops. But when you walk through the old neighborhoods you see that history and traditions continue to have clear impact on a city that is growing rapidly.

FRIDAY: Nuuk - Boarding the costal ship. 
We suggest to visit the the beautiful arts centre Katauaq, whose façade is shaped like the northern light and the equally beautiful old district with the statue of Hans Egede looking across the old colonial harbour, the fjord and the mountain range in the distance.

The Greenland National Museum with the famous mummies is located in the colonial harbor and is worth a visit. Remember to take a selfie with Santa's big red mailbox.

At the end of the day it is time to board Sarfaq Ittuk. Ahead awaits two days of coastal cruise, heading for Ilulissat. The coastal ship sails up and down the west coast and is also used by the Greenlanders themselves.

SATURDAY: At sea - Calling at Sisimiut
In the morning the ship will call at Maniitsoq and Kangaamiut. There is no time to go ashore, but from the deck it is possible to enjoy the busy harbour as people disembark and new travelers come onboard.

Early evening we arrive in Sisimiut, the second largest city in Greenland. The colored houses stands in wonderful contrast to the hilly rocky area. Explore Sisimiut and visit the old town with its original buildings from the colonial era.

Opportunity to buy souvenirs before the coastal ship continues north.

Picture: The old town in Sisimiut

SUNDAY: Icefjord - Arrival to Ilulissat.
As the ship approaches Ilulissat, there is every reason to enjoy the sight of the icebergs. Some are just large-scale lumps of ice while others are almost towering above you. What a welcome to the magnificent Disco Bay.

Transfer from the ship to the hotel. After check-inn go for a walk around town. The colorful houses are painted in a rainbow of shades, and the giant icebergs float by in the bay just outside of town. Visit the local museum to get an insight into local history and the life of the well known polar explorer Knud Rasmussen and his many expeditions.

On the outskirts of town you can see and hear the sled dogs. The dogs are chained, but their puppies roam free.

Ilulissat offers various restaurants and cafés where you can enjoy fabulous food – often with a spectacular view. 

MONDAY: Ilulissat - Day on your own. Additional excursions can be purchased, but must be pre-booked. For example:

  • Guidet walk to the ancient settlement of Sermermiut and enjoy beautiful vantage points over the ice.
    The beautiful icebergs of Ilulissat create the wing for the abandoned settlement Sermermiut, which is situated one and a half kilometer south of the city. The different Inuit cultures have lived here during the last 4000 years, and today you can still find artifacts, which witness their presence. Hear the story about the life and the customs of the Greenlanders before the Europeans´ arrival; see the ruins and the kitchen mitten. From here is one of the world's most beautiful vantage points over the ice.
  • Meet the sleddogs. You can see, feel, touch and most of all hear the howling of up to 20 hungry dogs. The owner will demonstrate the sled, the harness, and the whip and tell about the life as sled dog in Greenland.


Picture: View of the Icefjord from the hike to Sermermiut.

TUESDAY: Ilulissat – Day on your own. Additional excursions can be purchased, but must be pre-booked. For example:

  • Full day excursion to Eqi Sermia.
    The Eqi Sermia Glacier is called the "calving glacier" because ice breaks off from it more frequently than other glaciers. The excursion to the Eqi Sermia glacier it gives you the opportunity to get very close to the inland ice and to see the calving phenomenon. At the glacier the boat stops approx 500 metres from it so you can admire the calving.

WEDNESDAY: Ilulissat – Day on your own. Additional excursions can be purchased, but must be pre-booked. For example:

  • Boat tour among the huge icebergs of the Ilulissat Icefjord
    These large pieces of ice have broken off from the most productive glacier in the northen hemisphere. The glacier flows about 30 metres per day producing approximately 20 billion tons of ice every year. Form the Icefjord the icebergs float by the town of Ilulissat and continue north before turning south and into the Atlantic Ocean.
  • Ilulissat kayaking
  • Paddle in a kayak and witness the overwhelming beauty of icebergs coming from the Ilulissat Icefiord.

THURSDAY: Returning by plane across the Icefjord to Copenhagen via Kangerlussuaq.
Check out from accommodation and transfer to the airport.

With your luggage full of experiences from this fantastic place, you fly via Kangerlussuaq to Copenhagen with arrival in the evening.

Accommodaton at hotel and cabin | Prices from:

EUR 3.438 | DKK 25.440 per person in double
Single room price upon request

Price includes:

  • Flights: Copenhagen/Nuuk and Ilulissat/Copenhagen with taxes
  • 1 night at Hotel HHE Express or similar in Nuuk with breakfast.
  • Coastal cruise with Arctic Umiaq Line  from Nuuk to Ilulissat including 2 nights in a cabin with window. 
  • 4 nights at Hotel Icefiord or similar in Ilulissat with breakfast. Transfer from the ship and to the airport upon departure. 

Not included in the price:

  • Travel insurance.

Additional purchases are selected upon booking:

  • Full day excursion to the Eqi Sermia Glacier.
  • Meet the sleddogs.
  • Boat tour among the huge icebergs of the Ilulissat Icefjord.
  • Guidet walk to the ancient settlement of Sermermiut.
  • Ilulissat kayaking

Please note:

  • Individual trip. The journey requires normal general fitness and clothing for the outdoors.
  • When booking a 30% deposit is required per person of the package price, for the purchase of airline tickets.
  • Deposit is non-refundable.
  • The order of excursions and hotels in Greenland may be changed from the specified itinerary.
  • The package may be changed due to bad weather, ice conditions or force majeure – conditions for which GreenGate Incoming cannot be held responsible. In these situations, the traveller is responsible for any additional expenses.
  • If the tour is cancelled due to reasons beyond the control of the airline, the airline tickets will not be refunded.
  • Read our General Conditions HERE...

Good to know:

  • Time difference between Greenland and Denmark is +4 hours. Denmark is 4 hours ahead of Greenland. 
  • Sailing in Greenland can be very cold, but beautiful! Remember to bring warm clothing, camera and binoculars.
  • The Ilulissat Icefjord was declared a UNESCO Word Heritage Site in 2004.

Kort af Grønland


Picture: Nuuk

Picture: Ilulissat kayaking

Picture: Girls in Ilulissat

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