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Picture above: Kayak (Asger Pjetursson)

Discover Ilulissat | the place to watch icebergs

Ilulissat is a small town in western Greenland, located approximately 350 km north of the Arctic Circle. When you say Ilulissat, you say Icebergs. The glacier, the people and the massive icebergs are an amazing experience. Here you will find some of the world`s last nature wonders.

  • START DAY: Your choice
  • SEASON: June 15th to September 4
  • RETURN FLIGHTS FROM: Copenhagen to Ilulissat (incl. in the price)

Individual tour to Ilulissat, Greenland 6 days / 5 nights  

DAY 1: Arrival to Greenland and see the majestic icebergs.
Depart with Air Greenland from Copenhagen to Ilulissat. Your first stop is in Kangerlussuaq where you change flight to Ilulissat. Allready on your decent to Ilulissat you will see the ice. Transfer from the airport to your overnight accommodation.

After check-inn go for a walk around town and inhale the atmosphere. The colorful houses painted in a rainbow of shades, and the giant icebergs float by in the Disko Bay just outside of town.

Ilulissat offers various restaurants and cafés where you can enjoy fabulous food – with a spectacular view. 

DAY 2: Enjoy one of the world's most beautiful vantage points over the ice. 
Pick up at the accommodation for a guided tour to the ancient settlement of Sermermiut.

The beautiful icebergs of Ilulissat create the wing for the abandoned settlement Sermermiut, south of the city.

The different Inuit cultures have lived here during the last 4000 years, and today you can still find artifacts, which witness their presence. From here is one of the world's most beautiful vantage points over the ice.

On the outskirts of town, you can see and hear the sled dogs. The dogs are chained but their puppies roam free.

Picture: Dog @Tanja Damgaard 2017

DAY 3: Boat tour among the huge icebergs of the Ilulissat Icefjord
Pick up at the accommodation for a day- or evening boat tour among the huge icebergs of the Ilulissat Icefjord. These large pieces of ice have broken off from the most productive glacier in the northen hemisphere.

The glacier flows about 30 metres per day producing approximately 20 billion tons of ice every year. Form the Icefjord the icebergs float by the town of Ilulissat and continue north before turning south and into the Atlantic Ocean.  

Day 4 and 5: Days on your own to discover Ilulissat.
Additional excursions / nights can be purchased, but must be pre-booked. For example:

  • Daytour to Eqi glacier - the calving glacier. It is possible by boat to get very close to the glacier and experience huge pieces of ice breaking off. The sounds are enormous and the sight of the icebergs, crashing into the water, is breathtaking.
    --Possible to stay overnight in Glacier Lodge Eqi. Contact us for futher information here info@greengate.fo

  • Ilimanaq Settlement Walk (morning or afternoon). Get a deeper understanding of your destination and learn about the culture, history and the way of life in this small settlement.
    --Additional you can book lunch or dinner at the Hans Egede restaurant which is placed beautifully in Ilimanaq and is one of Greenland's absolute best.

  • Overnight stay in Ilimanaq Lodge. Book one additional night and stay overnight in a luxury cabin. The modern interior contrasts the settlement but contains an atmosphere that allows you to lean back and relax to the sound of whales passing by.
    --Ilimanaq Settlement Walk is free for guests staying overnight in Ilimanaq.

  • Ilulissat City Walk. The guide will tell you about the history of the city, about Greenlandic culture and modern life 300 kilometers north of the Arctic Circle. 

  • Helicopter, Kangia Classic Summer. This excursion is the only option to get all the way to the heart of the UNESCO-area. Neither by boat or by foot is it possible to get this close to the gigantic glacier.

  • Kayak Experience. You will paddle in a kayak (a Greenlandic typical mean of transport) while you will witness the overwhelming beauty of icebergs coming from the Ilulissat Icefjord.

DAY 6: Returning by plane across the Icefjord to Copenhagen via Kangerlussuaq.
Check out from accommodation and transfer to the airport. Fly via Kangerlussuaq to Copenhagen with arrival in the evening.

Picture below: Iceberg sightseeing (Thomas Eltorp)

Accommodaton at hotel | Prices from:

  • EUR 2.254 | DKK 16.675,- per person in double

Price includes:

  • Return flights from Copenhagen to Ilulissat with taxes
  • 5 nights at Hotel Hvide Falk or Hotel Avannaa in Ilulissat with breakfast.
  • Transfer from/to the airport upon arrival and departure to Ilulissat.
  • Guidet walk to the ancient settlement of Sermermiut, with pick up.
  • Boat tour among the huge icebergs of the Ilulissat Icefjord, with pick up.

Not included in the price:

  • Travel insurance.
  • Cancellation Insurance.

Additional, prices upon request:

  • Daytour to Eqi glacier - the calving glacier.
  • Ilimanaq Settlement Walk (morning or afternoon). Additional you can book lunch or dinner to enjoy after the walk.
  • Overnight stay in a cabin at Ilimanaq Lodge. 
  • Ilulissat City Walk.
  • Helicopter, Kangia Classic Summer.
  • Kayak Experience.
  • Extra nights. 

Please note:

  • Individual trip. The journey requires normal general fitness and clothing for the outdoors.
  • When booking a 25% deposit is required per person of the package price, for the purchase of airline tickets.
  • Deposit is non-refundable.
  • The order of excursions in Greenland may be changed from the specified itinerary.
  • The package may be changed due to bad weather, ice conditions or force majeure – conditions for which GreenGate Incoming cannot be held responsible. In these situations, the traveller is responsible for any additional expenses.
  • If the tour is cancelled due to reasons beyond the control of the airline, the airline tickets will not be refunded.
  • Read our General Conditions HERE...

Good to know:

  • Time difference between Greenland and Denmark is +4 hours. Denmark is 4 hours ahead of Greenland. 
  • Sailing in Greenland can be very cold, but beautiful! Remember to bring warm clothing, camera and binoculars.
  • The Ilulissat Icefjord was declared a UNESCO Word Heritage Site in 2004.

Picture: Girls in Ilulissat

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