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Package tours to the faroe Islands 

We have created a range of exciting holiday packages for you, who either want to experience the Faroe Islands on your own, or together with other travellers. We provide all practical arrangements such as flights, accommodation, excursions, car rental, etc.

  • Package tours include: Roundtrip flights from Copenhagen* with taxes, accommodation etc.

* It is also possible to fly from the following cities: Billund (Denmark), Edinburgh (Scotland), Bergen (Norway) and Reykjavík (Iceland). Contact us for times / prices HERE ...

See our exciting range of holiday packages below. 

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Please note: 

  • Flight time from Denmark approx 2 hours and 15 minutes.
  • Holiday packages are not available on Christmas & New Year.

Classic winter explorer | Bestseller

Experience the best the Faroe Islands nature has to offer and find yourself being an adventurer and explorer during the Nordic winter time with constantly changing weather. Beautif…

Nights: 4
Prices from: 
EUR 1.026 | DKK 7.590,-

Sense of a Faroese winter

A city trip to Tórshavn offers shopping, great food and a mass of experiences. Tórshavn has a homely atmosphere and is very easy to get around. You are always within walking distan…

Nights: 3
Prices from: 
EUR 703 | DKK 5.200,-

Winter days in the Faroe Islands

Due to their position in the North Atlantic Ocean, the Faroe Islands are distinguished by their changeable weather throughout the year. Experience the Faroes in the darker winter m…

Nights: 5
Prices from: 
EUR 994 | DKK 7.355,-

Cosy Christmas in Tórshavn

Perhaps you hadn’t thought of the Faroe Islands as your Christmas shopping destination this year, but why not try something new and a little bit different? Tórshavn’s small and snu…

Nights: 2
Prices from: 
EUR 665 | DKK 4.920,-

Taste the Faroe Islands

The traditional Faroese cuisine has evolved over centuries in its own unique way due to the islands remote geographic location in the North Atlantic Ocean. It is both simple and co…

Nights: 3
Prices from: 
EUR 1.192 | DKK 8.825,-

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