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    Hiking in the Faroe Islands with a guide - NEW


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Hiking in the Faroe Islands with a guide

The Faroese untamed nature is a paradise for nature lovers and is well suited for a hike in the mountains. Feel the wind in your hair, see colourful villages, grazing sheep, green mountains, fascinating fog and the nearby islands, which rise majestically on the horizon. In this program, you hike with local guide on old village paths, and have the opportunity to enjoy parts of the trip on your own by car.

    • START DAY: Thursday (other days on request)
    • SEASON: June, July and August
    • DIRECT FLIGHT FROM: Copenhagen (incl. in the price)

Program: Active - Fly and Drive 8 days / 7 nights

THURSDAY: Arrival to the Faroe Islands. Visit Gásadalur and enjoy the fresh air.
Arrival with Atlantic Airways. Pick up rental car at the airport.

Take the short drive to the village of Gásadalur, which was the last village connected to the rest of the islands by tunnel. Enjoy the quiet and stunning view of Tindhólm.

Spend the night on Vágar.

FRIDAY: Visit the bird island Mykines.
The tour starts with a grand sail by majestic sea cliffs. Spot puffins, that charming little bird with a colourful beak, or the impressive gannet, which can only breed on the isolated isle to the west of the main island. Upon arrival to the island, you meet the guide.

To get out to the isle and its lighthouse, one must cross a bridge - a bridge that crosses the Atlantic Ocean. Back in the village, one can pop in at the local cafe.

Spend the night in Tórshavn.

SATURDAY: Hiking with guide from the village in Svínoy.
With ferry from Viðoy to Svínoy. A beautiful and easy hike. The hike starts in the village and we walk out to the headland called Dragin, where the English used to have an outpost during the war. There is also a bird fowling seat at Dragin, which will be pointed out to you during the walk.

Among the birds it is expected to see or hear whimbrels, European golden plovers, arctic skuas, arctic terns, common eiders, meadow pipits, greylags, and several species of gulls. In the cliffs are northern fulmar, puffin and European shag. Along the shore between large stones and boulders the beautiful black guillemots nest. 

  • Hike: Easy 5 km

Spend the night in Klaksvík.

SUNDAY: Hiking to the lighthouse on Kallin - Seal Woman 
Bring your rental car with the local ferry from Klaksvík to the island of Kalsoy, popularly called the Recorder, which comes because of the 12-kilometer long road that winds through four tunnels and connects the islands four villages.

Drive to the village of Trøllanes to meet the local guide at the bus stop. The guide will walk with you to Kallin. After approximately an hour's walk you will get to the lighthouse and be rewarded by an unforgettable panoramic view.  

On your own make a stop at the village of Mikladalur, which is known, for its artists and sagas. By the ocean, you can see the beautiful sculpture of the Seal Woman, and this is definitely worth a visit. 

  • Hike: Easy approx. 8 km

Spend the night in Eysturoy. 

MONDAY: Hiking to the highest mountain in the Faroe Islands – Slættaratindur.
Slættaratindur (882m) is a must to hike, as it is the highest mountain in the Faroe Islands. The trip starts from the mountain pass Eiðisskarð. 

When you reach the top, the view of the Faroe Islands is nothing less than spectacular - Mountain peaks surround you - an experience for life.

  • Hike: Moderate 5 km

Spend the night in Eysturoy.

TUESDAY: Hiking with guide from the village of Tjørnuvík to Saksun.
Tjørnuvík is surrounded by steep mountains and offers a fantastic view to the impressive rock formations the Giant and the Witch. On the hike, you will see, among other things, Slættaratindur and Gráfelli which, are the two highest mountains in the Faroe Islands.

From Tjørnuvíksskarð and down to the village Saksun you get a fantastic view of the beautiful lagoon surrounded by sand in the fjord. The high mountains give the area some mystery, but not least unimaginable beauty. (due to weather condtions the starting point is sometimes Saksun) 

  • Hike: Moderate 10 km

Spend the night in Tórshavn.

WEDNESDAY: Day on your own, but we suggest.

  • We recommend the hike over the mountain and back to the cultural centre of Kirkjubøur. Enjoy the majestic view over the islands of Sandoy, Hestur, Koltur, and Vágar. After arriving in Kirkjubøur, it is possible to visit Roykstovan that is approx. 900 years old. See the ruins of the Saint Magnus Cathedral and Ólavs’ church from year 1111.

  • Enjoy the day in scenic village of Gjógv, known for its unique natural harbour and a beautiful view of the island of Kalsoy. The natural harbour is an attraction everyone should take time to see. If you walk up the hillside, you will be rewarded with beautiful views of the bird cliffs and the village.

Spend the night in Tórshavn.

THURSDAY: Departure from the Faroe Islands.
Rental car is returned at the airport. Departure with Atlantic Airways.

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Price includes:

  • Round trip flights with taxes from Copenhagen*
  • Car rental, category A with airport pick up / drop off, free mileage and CDW.
  • 7 nights with breakfast. 
  • Friday: Return ferry to Mykines, guide and packed lunch.
  • Saturday: Hike, Svínoy with guide.
  • Sunday: Hike, Kallurin and return ferry. 
  • Monday: Hike, Slættaratindur.
  • Tuesday: Hike, Tjørnuvík/Saksun.

* It is also also possible to fly from following cities: Billund (Denmark), Edinburgh (Scotland), Bergen (Norway), Reykjavík (Iceland) or Barcelona (Spain). Contact us for times / prices HERE ...


Not included in the price:

  • Travel insurance
  • Cancellation Insurance

Additional, prices upon request:

  • Wednesday: Boat trip to Vestmanna Cliffs, lunch, SagaMuseum.
  • Wednesday: City wak in Tórshavn.
  • Table reservation at a restaurant in Tórshavn.
  • Upgrade to a bigger car.
  • Local guide for suggested hiking trips.
  • SCDW. Renters liability DKK 7.000,- per damage - which can be reduced to DKK 1.000,- when making an additional insurance (SCDW) at DKK 100,- per rental day.
  • Cancellation insurance (3% of package price)

Please note:

  • The hikes are easy to moderate in uneven terrain.
  • Always visit the local tourist office for more information before going on hikes on your own. 
  • Bring warm and practical clothing, packed lunch and water.
  • All package tour prices are based on Atlantic Airways lowest published price. The actual price upon booking may be higher.
  • Read our General Conditions HERE...


On this trip, you visit the islands where a red ring is around the island name.

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