General Conditions


Travel in this program is arranged by GreenGate Incoming in cooperation with local suppliers.



Bookings are secured when deposit has been received or with a travel agency guarantee. Client accepts the written conditions of travel with payment of deposit.



A deposit of 30% of the total price is required per person upon registration unless otherwise stated in connection with the tour in question. If the deposit is not paid within the stated deadline, the agreement will lapse.



The balance of the packages must be received no later than 7 weeks before departure date, as tickets and travel documents need to be issued. If the package is ordered less than 7 weeks before departure, the payment has to be received within 3 days of confirmation. The above is valid unless otherwise specified for that trip. Tickets and other travel documents will arrive latest 7 days prior to departure.



The basic price includes the services stated for the destination in question. Any extra charges for special services are also stated for the individual destination.


Childrens Discount

Please contact GreenGate Incoming or your travel agency.



Unless otherwise stated the following applies: More than 30 days before departure: A service fee of EUR 75 per person will be charged for changes to flights and tours on the ground. Changes at a later time will be considered a cancellation and a new booking.



Unless otherwise noted, the following applies:

- More than 6 weeks before departure, full refund minus deposit.

- Between 6 and 2 weeks before departure, refund of 50% of total price.

- Less than 2 weeks before departure, no refund.


NOTE: if accompanying package arrangements, hotel reservations, or airline tickets have additional conditions, these conditions apply and the client will be informed at reservation.



We recommend that you take out a sickness/cancellation insurance from your travel agency to cover the cancellation costs if it proves impossible or extremely difficult to participate in tours due to death or sudden illness/accidents requirng admission to hospital, periods in bed prescribed by a doctor or similar problems involving you or your spouse/partner, parents, parents in-law, children, grandchildren, siblings, grandparents, sisters-in-law, brothers-in-law or travelling companions. This protection only applies if a medical report is presented no later than one week after the cancellation. The insurance premium is 3 per cent of the risk (minimum EUR 11 | DKK 81) and must be paid together with the deposit. If you fail to submit a medical report or your cancellation is due to other reasons, the standard cancellation rules apply.



Traveler is responsible for all costs incurred for illness or hospitalization during travel, unless the tour operator can be held responsible. It is therefore highly recommended to secure travel insurance which covers costs due to accident, death, medical treatment, return travel, or loss or damage of luggage.



Participating airlines take no responsibility for travellers during times when they are not on board their own planes. Concerning checked luggage, we refer to participating airlines’ regulations



The client is required to carry a valid passport. The client is required to provide a full and correct name that corresponds with their passport and any other travel documents. Changes in names after reservations costs EUR 81 | DKK 600. When receiving tickets and travel documents, it is the clients responsibility to review all documents and confirm that all names are correct. The name on the ticket must be the same as your passport, inconsistencies can prohibit you from checking in. The travel agency takes no responsibility for the consequences of receiving incorrect information.



Complaints and possible reimbursement should be made directly to GreenGate Incoming so that the issue can be remedied as soon as possible, and with the least inconvenience to the traveler. For complaints and reimbursements after travel, contact GreenGate Incoming as soon as possible and at least with in 2 weeks after return. Documentation is required.



If you wish to take advantage of discount tickets available on the market, and combine these to fashion your trip, they must be issued on separate documents. These tickets often times can not be cancelled, changed, or refunded. This means you assume responsibility if, because of delays, a connection is missed. Neither the travel agency or airlines take any responsibility for costs for additional airline tickets and accommodations.



Times shown on tickets and itinerary are always local. After itinerary and flight tickets are issued, changes may be made to arrival and departure times (often from April 1 – November 1 when airlines change their flight times, and also for daylight savings). Please check your flight times in the issued travel documents. Contact your travel agency immediately if times don’t correlate with your original reservation, so possible inconsistence, can be rectified before departure.



It is recommended, upon arrival at the airport, that you orientate yourself with check-in times. Information from GreenGate Incoming or the airline concerning departure gate and terminals are conditional, not final. There are circumstances when it is necessary to change gates/ terminal. Always check gate/ terminal departure information, particularly during connecting flights.



Some taxes are included with your ticket fare. However, there are occasions when airport or other travel taxes must be paid at departure or on site, which prohibits pre-payment. These taxes will be noted in your itinerary. Some countries have the right to, with little or no notice, apply new taxes or increase existing taxes. These changes may take place between your reservation and departure, or between your departure and return.



Nordic citizens are not required to carry a passport, visa or vaccination documentation when traveling to the Faroes. However, it is recommended to bring your passport as ID. If this changes, we will make the information available in the catalogue, or on your confirmation. Other citizens should check requirements for the country of destination. Individuals with multiple citizenry, and groups with people from different countries should make this information available so appropriate guidance can be given. If this information is not provided, the tour provider does not assume responsibility for the consequences for missing travel documentation, etc. Note: there are often requirements for transit visas. Passports outside the EU must be valid for 6 month after your arrival.



Travel is non transferrable.



If the client does not cancel the trip and/or does not appear for the listed time and place for departure and return, the travel agency has the right to charge full price for travel. If the client does not utilize arranged transportation, or in other ways does not utilize the services which have been ordered, the client can not demand a reimbursement.



GreenGate Incoming are required by law to complete any package listed in their catalogue/ price list The agency takes no responsibility for changes, delays, etc., from breach of contract, strikes, weather, or conditions that the agency has no control over.



The technical organizer has the right to make necessary changes because of low participation. If, because of these changes, the client no longer wants to participate, a refund will be given, but further claims will not be considered. The technical organizer can, with 20 days notice, cancel a planned trip. If it is not possible to find a satisfactory alternative, a refund will be provided. Further claims will not be considered.



Prices are based on existing fees, tariffs, and exchange rates from 2023. GreenGate Incoming has no control over some price changes that may occur after confirmation. Price changes can occur because of changes in transportation cost like fuel, taxes, fees for services such as airport-, landing-, and departures. Notification of price changes must be made as soon as possible and at the latest, 20 days before departure and must not go above 10% of the advertised price.

If these conditions are not kept, the client, at no additional cost, can cancel the trip. It is conditional that cancellation happens after notification of price change. If price goes down, the client will be informed as soon as possible. No adjustment to a lower price will be made within 20 days of departure, and no consideration will be given to claims for refund. If domestic taxes or fees to the state are reduced or removed, and it goes into affect before day of departure, GreenGate Incoming are require by law to reimburse the traveler if the amount is over EUR 14.



Read our practial information here.



Your safety is our highest priority. We draw your attention to the risks associated with the unique characteristics of the Faroese environment. Consequently, should you venture into the Faroese environment, either alone, following inspiration from our website, or together with one of our tour guides, you do so entirely at your own risk. We accept no liability for any injury or loss that may occur as a result



Typing errors may occur as well as changes we do not have any control over. The catalogue may be used for inspiration. All prices are subject to change.


Book your trip:

  • Send an e-mail to or phone us at +298 350520.
  • State package, hotel/B&B and any extras.
  • State departure date, full name and address.
  • State which airport you prefer to travel from.
  • State telephone number.
  • Cancellation insurance is not included in package tours. If you want cancellation insurance, state date of birth of person/s.
  • The invoice will be sent when all parties have confirmed the booking.
  • All invoices are in DKK.
  • When paying, please state your name and invoice number. 
  • Travel documents will be sent at the latest 7 days prior to departure.

Sunday and holidays:

  • Many shops and public places are closed on Sundays and on holidays. Please note that the schedule for local buses and ferries may be altered on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays.

Applies for package tours: 

  • All B&Bs have shared facilities.
  • Some of the tours/excursions are dependent on the weather.
  • The weather may influence the program such that the accommodations and other elements of the program may vary from the original program.
  • It is possible to purchase additions such as excursions, breakfast and dinner, car rental, etc.

GreenGate Incoming: