Practial information

EMERGENCY - In case of emergency dial 112. 

ALCOHOL - The Faroe Islands have a monopolized sale of alcohol, called Rusdrekkasøla Landsins. There are depart­ments in all major areas in the country.

TOTAL AREA - 1.399 km2.  

LUGGAGE - All passengers can bring 23 kilos of luggage as well as 8 kilos of carry-on luggage. The carry-on luggage must fit under the seat on the aircraft or in the overhead compartment. Please see the most resent regulation concerning luggage on

BANKS - Banks and ATMs can be found in all major towns.

BUS CONNECTION TO AND FROM THE AIRPORT - There is bus connection for arrival and departure times at the airport by the local bus from the bus terminal in Torhavn and to the airport. The duration of the trip is apprx 45 minutes. Shuttle service is also available by pre-ordering. For reservations please contact

AIRLINE TICKETS - Names on tickets and other travel documents must be correct (name/s as in passport). Incorrect information concerning names will result in an additional fee after travel documents have been issued.

DISCLAIMER - Your safety is our highest priority. We draw your attention to the risks associated with the unique characteristics of the Faroese environment. Consequently, should you venture into the Faroese environment, either alone, following inspiration from our website, or together with one of our tour guides, you do so entirely at your own risk. We accept no liability for any injury or loss that may occur as a result.

SHOPS - Most shops are open Monday to Friday from 10 am to 5-5.30 pm, Friday to 6/7 pm, and Saturday to 12/2/4 pm. Opening hours can vary considerably from village to village.

STAMPS - Faroese stamps are collectibles because of their high quality.

INFORMATION BROCHURE - Faroe Islands Tourist Guide 

INFRASTRUCTURE - The Faroe Islands have 900 kilometers of good roads. Most have two lanes and are paved. 17 of the 18 islands are connected by bridges, land bridges, ferry and/or helicopter. 

CLIMATE - Oceanic climate. Although the Faroe Islands are located at 62 degrees N the climate in the Faroe Islands is surprisingly mild due to the Gulf Stream. The average temperature in the warmest months is 13°C resulting in mild summer days and during the winter the average temperature is 3°C.
Visitors during the summer are taken aback by the characteristic long days and the light nights. In the middle of the summer the sun hardly sets and the longest day is 19½ hours long. This gives the visitors ample opportunities to enjoy the long and light evenings adding a special feel to the visit to the Faroe Islands.
Another characteristic with the Faroese climate and which really facinates foreigners is the constantly changing wheather. One of the most common feedbacks from tourists is the uniqueness of experiencing all four seasons within the same day.

TEMPERATURE: Over the course of a year.


AIRPORT TAXES - All taxes and fees are included in the package price. However, we reserve the right to increase the price due to price changes such as oil prices.

POST OFFICE - Post offices are found in the larger towns and in some villages. Most villages with no post office have local stores where you can buy post cards and mail letters.

CLOTHING - We recommended to bring rain and windproof clothing, good hiking shoes and to be dressed according to the weather / season - remember that the weather is changeable in the Faroe Islands.

SMOKING - Smoking is prohibited in all public places and all overnight accommodations.

CREDITCARDS - All revelant credit cards are accepted by hotels, restaurants and shops.

LANGUAGE - Faroese is a Nordic language, related to the western dialect in Norway and Iceland. Most Faroese understand and speak Nordic.

TRAVEL INSURANCE - Holiday travel inside of Europe is covered by the Danish health insurance. We recommend that you buy cancellation insurance as a supplement. Please contact your travel agency or insurance company.

TELEPHONE - When calling the Faroe Islands, dial +298 and the subscribers number.

TIME DIFFERENCE - The Faroe Islands are on Greenwich Mean Time and are therefore one hour behind continental Europe. 12 pm in Denmark is 11 am in the Faroe Islands.

TRANSPORTATION IN THE FAROE ISLANDS - Ferries/boats, buses and helicopters transport people from island to island

TRANSIT - We do not take responsibility for delays which affect flights outside the flight connections provided by Atlantic Airways.

CUSTOMS - We refer to the general custom regulations set by TAKS. Please see

SUB SEA TUNNELS AND TOLL - There are sub sea tunnels in the Faroe Islands. The tunnel fee is not included in any of our prices and is paid directly to the car rental company. If you travel with your own personal car, pay at 

  • Vágatunnilin between Vágar and Streymoy (4,9 km)
  • Nordoyatunnilin between Eysturoy and Bordoy (6 km)
  • Eysturoyartunnilin between Tórshavn and Strendur / Runavík (11,2 km)
  • Sandoyartunnilin between Gamlarætt (Tórshavn) and Sandoy (10,7 km) - Expected to open in 2023

CURRENCY - The Faroese currency is krona and oyra and are the same as Danish krona and oyra. The Faroe Islands carry their own notes, valued at 1000/500/200/100/50 krona. The coins are Danish. Danish notes can be used everywhere in the islands.

Book your trip:

  • Send an e-mail to or phone us at +298 350520.
  • State package, hotel/B&B and any extras.
  • State departure date, full name and address.
  • State which airport you prefer to travel from.
  • State telephone number.
  • Cancellation insurance is not included in package tours. If you want cancellation insurance, state date of birth of person/s.
  • The invoice will be sent when all parties have confirmed the booking.
  • All invoices are in DKK.
  • When paying, please state your name and invoice number. 
  • Travel documents will be sent at the latest 7 days prior to departure.

Sunday and holidays:

  • Many shops and public places are closed on Sundays and on holidays. Please note that the schedule for local buses and ferries may be altered on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays.

Applies for package tours: 

  • All B&Bs have shared facilities.
  • Some of the tours/excursions are dependent on the weather.
  • The weather may influence the program such that the accommodations and other elements of the program may vary from the original program.
  • It is possible to purchase additions such as excursions, breakfast and dinner, car rental, etc.

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