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Greenland, iceland, the Faroe Islands

-on the same tour, or separately

A true adventure. 

Greenland. An island of vast proportions dominated by the world’s second largest icecap. Only a narrow coastal fringe of rugged mountains and intensely green valleys, remain ice free allowing a small and resilient community to live at the edge of the habitable world.

Iceland. Thundering waterfalls, endless lava fields, inviting geothermal pools, abundant marine life and a vibrant capital city - Iceland's sheer magnitude of natural wonders and quirky culture can be explored any time of year.

Faroe Islands. The jagged cliffs will take your breath away. Here you will get the feeling of remoteness and isolation. The islands are a hidden secret not sought by many, and spending time here will give you an unforgettable experience of remote living at the edge of the open sea.


You might want to visit the Faroe Islands as a combination with your visit to Scandinavia or just as a trip on its own. You will not find fresher air or a more virgin landscape any where else on earth. 

Packages include round trip flights with taxes from Copenhagen, Keflavík, Edinburgh, Paris or any other Atlantic Airways destination in Scandinavia, accommodation and as stated in program. 

  • WE OFFER FLEXIBLE FLIGHTS: Start your adventure from one of the above destinations and end at a different destination. Contact us for times/prices HERE ... 

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Greenland, Iceland, Faroe Islands 2023

Experience the magnificent nature that unfolds before your eyes. Individual tour.

Nights: 12
Prices from: 
EUR 4.665 | DKK 34.525

North Atlantic Pearls | Iceland & Faroe Islands 2023

Individual tour which offers the best of Iceland and the Faroe Islands. 4 nights in Iceland and 3 nights in Faroe Islands

Nights: 7
Prices from: 
EUR 2.308 | DKK 17.075

Iceland Circle - Fly & Drive

Explore the island of fire and ice as you drive around Iceland's ring road. A bestseller circle tour of Iceland

Nights: 7
Prices from: 
DKK 12.395

Iceland Circle - with guide & bus

Join a fantastic escorted bus tour around Iceland. Explore the island of fire and ice and go with an international group on Iceland's ring road.

Nights: 7
Prices from: 
EUR 1.650

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