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GreenGate Incoming can assist you with the planning of your incentive or conference to the Faroe Islands. Please provide us with some basic information by completing this form. 

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We know your time is valuable

So when we meet, time has to be spent well. By choosing GreenGate Incoming for your meeting/event, you will work with certified meetovators – meeting designers.



Meetovation is a Danish meeting design concept for those who want value for money when investing in meetings. We help you design meetings, for which the value is clear and ROI high.
The participants are being involved, we think in a responsible way, provide creative set-up and use local inspiration. Read more about meetovation HERE...


Get in touch with Edward...

Edward has been working in the event and tourism industry since 2010 and started at GreenGate in August 2019.
Edward has been working at the regional Tourist information in  Tórshavn and he also been working at the North Atlantic House in Copenhagen for a few years, when the was studding tourism at CPH Business.

Edward's strengths are customer relations and event management, he is always doing his best the to  meet customer's wishes and is always ready to walk that extra mile for you.

Edward loves many Faroese things, especially the nature e.g. trekking and taking sheep’s down form the mountains. His favourite season is the spring, when the nights gets longer and the grass gets greener for every day. And did we mentioned the Faroese cuisine?


Get in touch with Tordis...

Tordis has a background in destination development, both on a regional and local level. Tordis is good at coming up with new ideas, writing, seeing possibilities rather than obstacles, and she loves a good laugh.

Tordis has a Master’s degree in International Tourism and a Bachelor’s degree in International Business Communication and Spanish.

Tordis loves many things Faroese, especially Faroese music (such as Marius Ziska, Jasmin, Teitur, Eivør, Martin Joensen, Døgg Nónsgjógv), and you’ll often find her at concerts and festivals. She also loves having local Faroese food, e.g. lamb from Vestmanna and greens from Sandoy. But the thing she loves the most is the fresh Faroese air!