private rental 

General conditions

Allergy - Pets are not allowed in the summerhouse/apartment. However, we can not guarantee that previous tenants did not bring pets.

If you suffer from allergies to pets, please ask GreenGate Incoming for safety reasons, if there have been pets in the summerhouse/apartment earlier.

Please note that we can not accept any liability in case of any allergy break.

Arrival/departure - The rented summerhouse/apartment is available from 1400 hours on the day of arrival until 1100 hours on the day of departure.

On the day of departure please note that the house must be left in good condition and must be cleaned, windows/doors must be closed/locked.

All furniture and other inventory must be located in the same place and in the same condition as on arrival.

Bath - Unless otherwise indicated, both hot and cold water is in the summerhouse/apartment. On our website you can see if there is a shower or bath.


  • Cancellation 7 weeks before arrival: Full refund – deposit
  • Cancellation 6-3 weeks before arrival: 50% refund
  • Cancellation less than 3 weeks before arrival: No refund

Deposit - A deposit of 30% of the total price is required upon registration unless otherwise stated in connection with the tour in question. If the deposit is not paid within the stated deadline, the agreement will lapse.

Photo - It may occur that a property has been re-painted, or that changes have been made that are not shown on the website.

Pets - It is not allowed to bring pets.

Interior - The summerhouse/apartment are all decorated according to owners taste, and are therefore individually decorated.

Kitchen equipment - Kitchen equipment in the summerhouse/apartment usually consist of the number of glasses, cups, plates and cutlery corresponding to the maximum number of people.

The equipment may consist of various types. There may be fewer pots and pans than in a private home. 

Closing hours - Most shops are open Mon-Thurs at 0900/1000-1700/1730 hours, Friday till 1800/1900 hours, Saturday at 1200/1400/1600 hours.

Opening times vary considerably from village to village. Kiosks and gas stations close in most places at 2300 hours all days.

Emergency - In case of an emergency calll 1 1 2. If there is a phone in the house, you can call 1 1 2 even if the phone only is for incoming calls. If there is no phone in the summerhouse/apartment ask for assistance from the nearest neighbor.

Extra beds - Please note that extra beds can be sofa beds or mattresses on the floor.

Complaints - Any complaints during thr stay must be submitted to GreenGate Incoming, so the lack/error can be remedied immediately and with as little inconvenience to the traveler as possible. 
Complaints after the trip: Contact GreenGate Incoming as soon as possible and no later than 2 weeks after returning home. Documentation must be provided.

Cleaning - It is expected that you leave the summerhouse/apartment in the same condition as at arrival. Cleaning is obligatory against payment.

Smoking - Smoking is prohibited in all public places and in all summerhouses/apartments.

Damages - Any damage to the accommodation, equipment, etc. must be reported immediately to GreenGate Incoming.

Sleeping capacities - Beds in the summerhouse/apartment can vary in size. The length is from 200 cm. Double beds vary in width from 140 cm to 180 cm, and single beds from 70 cm to 90 cm. Beds are usually fitted with foam rubber or boxmattresses. These measures are also valid for sofa beds and mattresses.

Noise - While you are on holiday, life goes on for the locals. There may be noise from construction sites, cars, motor boats, etc. We are convinced that our travellers understand that GreenGate Incoming can not take any responsibility for this.

Phone Call - Faroe Islands dial +298 and subscriber number.

Toilet Drain - Usually a septic tank belongs to the summerhouse/apartment. Please do not throw napkins, tampons, wadding, diapers, etc. in the toilet.

Local time - Be aware that the local time in the Faroe Islands is Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) in winter, but in summer GMT plus 1 hour.

We wish you a nice stay in the Faroe Islands

Summer house | Apartments:

  • We offer summer houses and apartments all over the Faroe Islands.
  • Standard and facilities vary.
  • Apartments in the Faroe Islands are mostly in private homes with separate entry and facilities.
  • Many of the summer houses are outside of the towns in beautiful natural surroundings.
  • Check-in 14:00 - Check-out 11:00
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Bed & Breakfast:

  • We offer private accommodation all over the Faroes.
  • Standard and facilities vary.
  • Breakfast is included.
  • Check-in 14:00- Check-out 11:00
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