• The Nordic House

Nordic House

Built in Nordic tradition, the Nordic House may well look as an enchanting hill of elves within the city of Tórshavn.

Entering the house, you are stepping on Norwegian stones and can be seated in Finnish chairs. The wooden panels give an insight into the deep Swedish forests, the glass and steel constructions are Danish and above it all hangs the Icelandic roof construction. Last, but not least, the grass on the roof is as Faroese as it is green.

The multifunctional main hall is the centre of the house.

In the standard setting up to 380 people can be seated here. The chairs are placed on moveable laths that can be mounted in various combinations depending on the event. The standard setting is 14 elevated rows, each with 28 chairs. Besides the stage based activities, there are also possibilities for showing films.

Meeting facilities:

Meeting Rooms 7
Meeting Capacity 380
Restaurant Yes
Parking Yes