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    Wool in the North


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Tours for the curious, conscious, and creative

Come enjoy an authentic and inspirational experience in the Faroe Islands, where nature captivates and living heritage engages your senses.


  • TRAVEL DATES: 16 - 26 september 2024
  • ACCOMMODATION: Hotel Djurhuus and Hotel Vágar
  • DIRECT FLIGHT FROM: Copenhagen, Denmark (incl. in the price)
  • Join a group tour and enjoy experiences together with others. The minimum number for this tour is 12 people.


We invite you to join our Faroese Wool in the North tour, experiencing; warm hospitality, participating on our living cultural heritage, delighting in unique cuisine, and engaging in authentic conversations with the locals.

Our conscientiously created tours take one on a fascinating journey through the transparent world of Faroese wool and handicrafts in the North. One can anticipate learing all aspects of wool, from the sheep to the yarn and everything in between.


Itinirary: Let's take a closer look...

Colors of Autumm – September 16th through September 26th

10 days of slow tourism immersing oneself in the vibrant autumm colors of the Faroes, where the air becomes crisp and the sheep return off the mountains.


DAY 1 – Welcome to our beautiful islands.

Be prepared to be wowed as we start our journey to the sleepy town of Gásadalur, where you will come face to face with the infamous Múlafossur (waterfall). Followed by a lovely Faroese Welcome dinner and greeting from the local cafe Gásadalsgarður.


DAY 2 – Tórshavn

Discover Tórshavn, the smallest capital in the world, which begs to be explored with its unique cafes, shops and culture. It also boats the Nationarl Art Gallery – Listasavn, where one can be amazed by the locals’ artists’ works that combine nature, culture, and landscape. This day gets even better as we visit the fashionable Ullvøruhúsið boutique, where one of the owners Sissal will expose the world of woolen fashion.


DAY 3 - Curiosity seekers

Please let curiosity get the best of you today, as we travel to the Faroese National Museum (Tjóðsavnið). Where wool history and culture come alive. Getting hungry? Let’s head to Kvívík for lunch, where one can see the oldest Viking settlement in the Faroes.  The day isn’t over yet, as we drive to the Agricultural Agency (Búðnaðarstovan) to learn about the Faroese sheep hold and annual wool collection. Now it’s time to relax and take a pleasant stroll at Signabøgarður. Have some coffee and cake and hear stories about this unique farm and working with wool.


DAY 4 - Adventure awaits.

The tour will go to Sandoy this day, where you will explore the well known “knitting rock” and its history. Then travel to a historical location where we will eat a wonderful lunch at Café Mølin filled with recycled vintage furniture from around the Faroes. After lunch, hear stories from the past and learn about their plans fpr the future. Next, a sheep farmer awaits our arrival for coffee and an informative talk about the wool and its sustainability.


DAY 5 - Wool history and Woolen shopping day

First, a chance to tour and shop the only Faroese spinnery-Snaeldan. See firsthand how the Faroese traditional patterns are made. Next, we will be one with nature as we walk around Toftavatn, a beautiful lake with interactive activities and statues. We have worked up an appetite and the Garðahúsið will transport us into their lush, exquisite gardens, as we eat a traditional Faroese lunch. Now that we have a full belly, let’s go see Navia, our producer of wool yarn, wool clothes, and products. A small presentation with the owner, and then this is the place to shop for all your woolen needs. Tonight, we arranged a unique farm tour where you can pet the sheep, see Faroese horses, and have a traditional lamb or fish dinner in the actual farmer’s home. This is very special farmer is a woman of many talents, which you will be amazed to see.


DAY 6 - Workshop/shop

Get ready to knit your very own woolen project and learn the Faroese knitting way, with this fun hands-on workshop at Noðastova yarn shop. You’ll work up an appetite, and we have just the place for lunch as the chef prepares a special fresh Faroese salmon lunch for you. After lunch we will stroll along the beach, this is well known for sea glass hunting. Then you’ll have some free time to shop in the local Riberhus and Fjord. We have one more stop, and that’s the lovely village of Elduvík. Walking, talking, and storytelling await us with coffee and cake, to end the day.


DAY 7 - Free day

The day is all yours… We have prepared some maps for sightseeing around the islands or explore Tórshavn and relax in a café. It’s up to you, have fun!


DAY 8 - Cozy Village Day

Today we will go by ferry to the cozy little island of Nolsoy. Where you will discover by presentation, how one woman uses every part of the sheep sustainably. Her neighbor will serve us lunch as she explains how she uses plants and herbs; she grows right here in the Faroes. After lunch, take time to explore this cozy island and see its rich culture and history. We will meet up on the ferry, to enjoy a nice sail back to Tórshavn.


DAY 9, 10 and 11 Rich in culture and history

The last three days of the tour are marked with unique culture and history, and one surprise workshop. Let’s just say you will be transported back in time through the history of tangible and intangible cultural heritage. You will visit one of the oldest churches and lovely historic houses. A lovely lunch will be prepared, and a woolly workshop will have you spinning. Be immersed in the quaintness of a tiny village with tons of character and charm as you are guided on an enlightening journey, and finish with a Faroese delicacy.

Hotel accommodation | Prices from

  • EUR 3.000 | DKK 22.495,-  per person in shared double room

Additional, prices upon request:

  • Extra nights.
  • Table reservation at a restaurant in Tórshavn.

Please note:


Included in the tour:

  • 10 nights at Hotel Djurhuus in shared standard double room
  • Transportation and guide for all days without day 7 on your day off
  • Entrance fees, workshops etc.
  • Airport transfer to and from hotel in Tórshavn

Lunch and Dinner:

  • Dinner at Gásadalsgarður on day 1
  • Lunch on day 3
  • Lunch on day 4
  • Lunch and dinner on day 5
  • Lunch on day 6
  • Lunch on day 8
  • Lunch on day 9
  • Lunch on day 10

All meals are included one beverage.

Faroese National Museum

Picture: Faroese National Museum © Patricia Lucas Petersen.

© Patricia Lucas Petersen.

 © Patricia Lucas Petersen.

 © Patricia Lucas Petersen.