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    Birding, Nature & Culture


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birding, nature & culture 

Visit the green, rugged and pristine islands in the North Atlantic. Have a closer look at the diverse bird life, colourful flowers while enjoying the thriving old nordic culture. Experience the bird island Mykines, Sandoy the agriculture island, Culture Evening in Gjógv and outer viking island Skúvoy where you meet the locals

  • TRAVEL: Friday to Friday - 8 days | 7 nights
  • SEASON: June, July and August 2024
  • DIRECT FLIGHT FROM: Copenhagen (incl. in the price)

Itinerary: Fly and Drive 

Friday: Arrival to the Faroe Islands - Enjoy stunning viewpoints.
Arrival with Atlantic Airways to Vágar Airport. Pick up your rental car at the airport.

Enjoy the rest of the day on your own, visit for example the small villages of Bøur and Gásadalur, or take a walk from the village of Sandavágur to the rock formation the Witches’ Finger. This hike offers a rich scenery and great look out points. 

Spend the night in Tórshavn

Saturday: Visit the island of Mykines, which has a unique birdlife.

Drive to the village of Sørvágur, where you head to the island of Mykines by ferry. There you meet up with others going on a daytour to the island.

The tour starts with a grand sail by majestic sea cliffs. Spot puffins, that charming little bird with a colourful beak, or the impressive gannet, which can only breed on the isolated isle to the west of the main island. Upon arrival you meet the guide and the walk begins. In the village, one can pop in at the local cafe. 

Continue to your accommodation using the ferry crossing to the island of Sandoy.

  • Note: A new 10,8 km subsea tunnel will open between the ferry harbour Gamlarætt and the island of Sandoy in 2023

Spend the night in Sandoy

Sunday: Visit the area Gróthúsvatn and the sand dunes.
From the village of Sandur we have arranged a guided walk with one of the locals from the island. Sandoy is considered the best island for agriculture due to its fertile sandy soil. The largest potato farm in the country is located on the island. And people who have gardening interests have generally an easier time getting plants to grow here.

You go to the fresh water lake Gróthúsvatn to see and hear more about the plants and birdlife and to the sand dunes which offer a wide array of flowers, including Northern Marsh-orchid, Tufted Vetch, Marram and Icelandic Searocket.

Your senses will be surrounded with impressions from the unique nature. 

Spend the night at Sandoy.

Picture: Heath Spotted-orchid

Monday: The viking island Skúvoy, village walk, storytelling and visit the locals.
From the village Sandur you take the ferry to Skúvoy. This is the island where the Viking Chieftain Sigmundur Brestisson, was born. Here he built the Faroe Islands first Christian church and is buried.

After arrival, there is coffee and cake and then a village walk with the host to see the church and the special Viking grave. 

The host will suggest hiking tours which you can do on your own. For example, to the beautiful valley, Fagradal, where you follow a wellmarked path. Enjoy the birdlife and the beautiful view of the nearby island of Sandoy as you walk. In Fagradal you pass some rocks that look like a house ruin. The legend tells that there lived a young girl in Fagradal named Rannvá, the host will tell you the story. A packed lunch is enjoyed on the hike.

After a day of fresh air, experiences and fantastic viewpoints return to Tórshavn via Sandoy

Spend the night in Tórshavn.

Tuesday: Discover Tórshavn, the cultural center Kirkjubøur and Nólsoy.
Enjoy the day in Tórshavn. We suggest a visit to the National Museum and the Open Air Museum, which is situated in beautifull surroundings by the old village of Hoyvík. The village of Kirkjubøur, which is the cultural centre of the Islands is also worth a visit. 

  • OR, you can join a very special walk to the Storm Petrel colony on the island of Nólsoy. 
    Early evening you take the ferry from Tórshavn to the island of Nólsoy. On your own you can walk around and explore this cosy little village. Later in the evening a guided walk to the Storm Petrel colony, the largest in the world. An exciting walk that lasts from apprx. 11 pm to 3 am. Spend the night in Nólsoy. 
    PELASE NOTE: Tour and accommodation is only possible upon request and availability. Must be booked together with the tour. If possible, you will spend the night in Nólsoy at a B&B. 

Spend the night in Tórshavn (possibly Nólsoy in B&B)

Wednesday: The Giant and the Witch - Join the Culture Evening in charming Gjógv.
From Tórshavn you drive across Streymoy passing the old whaling station Við Áir and on over the bridge to the island of Eysturoy. Continue towards the village of Eiði as you take the panoramic route to Gjógv. See the impressive rock formations called Risin and Kellingin and the highest mountain, Slættaratindur at 882m. 

Enjoy the day in the village of Gjógv, which is known for its natural harbour and Crown Princess Mary’s Bench. It is possible to hike up the mountain which will offer a beautiful view over the adjacent islands and bird cliffs. Get more information at the hotel in in Gjógv before going on the hike.

In the evening enjoy a Faroese Cultural Evening. It starts with a delicious dinner buffet including various Faroese specialities. After dinner enjoy a music feature followed by an introduction to Faroese chain dancing and ballads. You will learn the steps and will have the opportunity of participating in the chain dance, where traditional ballads will be sung. A lot of fun!

Spend the night in Eysturoy.

Thursday: A day full of culture - sights, art exhibitions and handicrafts. 
We suggest you drive to the Faroes most northerly village of Viðareiði, which lies protected against the open sea by Villingardalsfjall, the highest mountain in the Northern Isles. The old rectory was once home to the vicar’s wife Beinta, the inspiration for Jørgen Frantz Jacobsen’s novel Barbara, which is a good read. 

In Klaksvík visit the Christian’s Church. This was the first large church in Scandinavia built in the old Nordic style, the roof construction is the same as in a Viking hall and this design feature was used in Faroese kitchens and village churches. The altarpiece is Joakim Skovgaard’s masterpiece, The Great Banquet.

Make sure you go down to the crypt to see the artwork by Faroese artist Edward Fugloy.

If you have time, make a stop in Fuglafjørður to see the rust-red sculptures ‘Gate to the World’ down and do visit the charming historic building with faroese art and handicraft called Ribarhús & Piddasahandil. There is a boat museum in the basement.

Spend the night in Eysturoy.

Friday: Departure from the Faroe Islands.
Return rental car at the airport. Departure with Atlantic Airways.

Hotel and B&B accommodation | Prices from

EUR 2.596 | DKK 19.210 per person in double
EUR 4.004 | DKK 29.630 per person in single

Price includes:

  • Round trip flights with taxes from Copenhagen*
  • Car rental, economy car with airport pick up / drop off, free mileage and CDW.
  • 7 nights with breakfast. 
  • Saturday: Daytour to Mykines incl. ferry, guide and lunch.
  • Sunday: Guided walk on Sandoy.
  • Monday: Village walk, coffe and cake in private home and packed lunch in Skúvoy.
  • Wednsday: Culture Evening in Gjógv.

* It is also possible to fly from following cities: Billund (Denmark), Edinburgh (Scotland), Oslo (Norway), Paris (France), Keflavík (Iceland) or Barcelona (Spain). Contact us for times / prices HERE ...

Not included in the price:

  • Transportation between islands (ferries and subsea tunnels) except Mykines.
  • Travel insurance

Additional purchases are selected upon booking:

  • Tuesday: Unique evening walk to the largest Storm Petrel colonies in the world on the island of Nólsoy. Incl. guided walk and B&B accommodation.
  • Upgrade to larger rental car.
  • SCDW. Renters liability DKK 7.000,- per damage - which can be reduced to DKK 1.000,- when making an additional insurance (SCDW) at DKK 120,- per rental day.

Please note:

  • B&B have shared facilities.
  • Please bring warm and practical clothes, a water bottle for the walks and remember your binoculars.
  • All package tour prices are based on Atlantic Airways lowest published price. The actual price upon booking may be higher.
  • Read our General Conditions HERE...

Birds - Expect to see: 

  • Puffin, Gannet, Oystercatcher, Golden Plover, Strom Petrel, Rednecked, Phalarope, Whimbrel, Arctic Tern, and others.  

Plants - Expect to see:

  • Marsh-marigold, Mountain Crowberry, Heath Spotted-orchid, Tormentil, Moss Campion, Ragged-Robin, Devil´s-bit Scabious and many others.


On this trip, you visit the islands where a red ring is around the island name. The white ring means that you can purchase additional excursions to other islands.


Picture: Stom Petrel

Picture: Cultural Evening in Gjógv

 Picture: Fuglafjørður sculptures ‘Gate to the World’ 

 Picture: The beautiful Gannet

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