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    The best of the Faroe Islands


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The best of the Faroe Islands

The Faroe Islands were honored by National Geographic as the worlds’ best archipelago for unspoiled authenticity, a strong cultural integrity, a green lowland, and well protected nature. We are proud to welcome you here.

  • TRAVEL: Sunday to Wednesday (other days by request) - 11 days | 10 nights
  • SEASON: June, July and August 2024
  • DIRECT FLIGHT FROM: Copenhagen (incl. in the price)

Itinerary: Fly and Drive 

SUNDAY: Arrival to the Faroe Islands. Visit the villages Bøur and Gásadalur.
Arrival with Atlantic Airways. Pick up rental car at the airport.

Take the short drive to the villages of Bøur and Gásadalur, which was the last village connected to the rest of the islands by tunnel. Enjoy the quiet and breathtaking view of Tindhólm.

Spend the night in Tórshavn *Possible to upgrade to Hotel Vágar. Contact us for more information.

MONDAY: Day on your own, but we suggest to purchase the day trip to the bird island Mykines*:

  • *Day trip to the island of Mykines is very popular and must be booked in advance. The tour starts with a grand sail by majestic sea cliffs. Spot puffins, that charming little bird with a colourful beak, or the impressive gannet, which can only breed on the isolated isle to the west of the main island. 

Spend the night in Tórshavn. *Possible to upgrade to Hotel Vágar. Contact us for more information

Picture: Puffin on the island of Mykines 

TUESDAY: The island of Suðuroy. Walks and impressive vantage points.
From Tórshavn sail with the ferry Smyril to the island of Suðuroy. There are many great walking/hiking paths in Suðuroy for example the top of Rávan and the award winning Hvannhagi.

Visit the local tourist office in the village of Tvøroyri for more information about hiking. We highly recommend the beautiful hike to Hvannhagi, and the short walk Á Røðina to experience the dramatic west side of the island.

In the town of Tvøroyri, have a look at some of the old historic buildings used by the Danish Royal Company Store, and enjoy a coffee in one of the cozy cafes.

Spend the night on Suðuroy.

WEDNESDAY: Sightseeing with local guide on Suðuroy and storytelling.
Pick up at your overnight accommodations by a local driver/guide who will show you around this peculiar island, which has a rich history and unforgettable view points.

The sightseeing tour is determined by wind and weather. Lunch en route.

Spend the night on Suðuroy.

THURSDAY: Cosy Tórshavn and excellent food.
Return to Tórshavn with the ferry.

On your own go for a walk in Tórshavn through the old part of town, Reyn and Tinganes. You will find your­self in a con­fusion of lanes and narrow passages, steps and rocks and tiny black-tarred houses with white windows and green turfed roofs. This area is unique not only in the Faroes but in the world. Please respect the privacy of the people living in these historical houses

In Tórshavn you will find various restaurants and cafés where you can enjoy excellent food.

Spend the night in Tórshavn.

FRIDAY: Island of Nólsoy. Guided walk and see among other things Ove’s boat.
By ferry from Tórshavn to the neighboring island Nósloy. Here life moves at a slow pace.

The guide will take you on a village walk. Visit Brunn, a house built of driftwood from the 1600 century and the unique attraction that can only be had on Nólsoy, Rowing Ove’s boat, Diana Victoria. In 1986 Ove rowed alone from the Faroe Islands to the Little Mermaid in Copenhagen. 

On your own, you can hike to the top of the island where you have the most beautiful panoramic views of Tórshavn and the nearby islands.

Return by ferry to Tórshavn. In the afternoon, we suggest a visit to the village of Kirkjubøur, which is the Faroe Islands’ cultural centre.

Spend the night in Tórshavn.

SATURDAY: Boat trip to Vestmanna Cliffs and the charming villages of Saksun and Tjørnuvík
From the village of Vestmanna the boat trip starts to the fantastic Vestmanna Cliffs. You sail into grottos, through narrow sounds, and close to the high vertical cliffs.

Afterwards drive towards the northern islands. If you have the time make a stop in the picturesque villages of Saksun and Tjørnuvík.

From the village of Leirvík you drive through the sub-sea tunnel to the town of Klaksvík. The tunnel is decorated with lights by the well-known Faroese artist Tróndur Patursson.

Spend the night in the Northern Islands.

SUNDAY: Explore the Northern Islands, Borðoy, Kalsoy, Kunoy, Viðoy, Svínoy and Fugloy
From Klaksvík, which lies on the island of Borðoy, you can go with the ferry to the island of Kalsoy. Here you can see the Seal Woman in the village of Mikladalur. We suggest to leave your car at the harbour in Klaksvík and use the local bus service on the island.
By car you can visit the island of Kunoy. From the tiny village of Kunoy is a beautiful view of the island of Kalsoy. Above the village is a small cosy park. 
From the village of Hvannasund you can take the ferry to the outer islands of Svínoy and Fugloy. In Fugloy there are two villages, Kirkja and Hattarvík, it is a very nice hike between the two villages - not possible to bring a car. 
By car you can also visit the island of Viðoy, here you will find the northernmost settlement of Viðareiði which is absolutely worth the scenic drive to visit.

While staying in Klaksvík, we recommend exploring the area with a self-guided tour. For more information and prices, feel free to contact us.

Spend the night in the Northern Islands.

MONDAY: Visit the village of Gjógv and enjoy the view from Crown Princess Mary´s Bench.
Enjoy the day in scenic village of Gjógv, which is known for its unique natural harbour and a beautiful view of the island of Kalsoy. The natural harbour is an attraction everyone should take time to see.

If you walk along the edge of the crevice, you might see some puffins coming out of their nests on their way out to the ocean to get food for their young. At the end of the crevice, facing the open ocean, it is possible to enjoy the view from Crown Princess Mary’s Bench.

From Gjógv you can hike up the mountain side to see bird cliffs and enjoy scenic views. More information about the hike is available at the guesthouse in the village.

Spend the night on Eysturoy.

TUESDAY: Discover the fjord, Skálafjørðin and the nearby villages.
Visit some of the adjacent villages, for example Oyndarfjørður to see the Rocking Stones, which according to legend are two enchanted pirate ships that lie rocking calmly.

Continue to the village of Runavík and visit the local tourist office for information and visiting hours for the charming Vicarage in the village of Nes.

The yarn store Navia is located in the village of Toftir and has a large selection of Faroese sweater, yarn, wool, etc.

Spend the night in Eysturoy.

WEDNESDAY: Scenic road from Gjógv to Eiði. Departure from the Faroe Islands. 
North of the village of Eiði the rock formations, the Giant and the Witch can be seen. According to legend, they are a couple who, in attempting to move the islands to Iceland, were turned to stone.

En route, you pass by the highest mountain, Slættartindur at 882 meters.

Return rental car at the airport. Departure with Atlantic Airways.

Hotel accommodation | Prices from

EUR 2.769 | DKK 20.495 per person in shared double room
EUR 4.475 | DKK 33.120 per person in single room

B&B & hotel accommodation | Prices from

EUR 2.529 | DKK 18.715 per person in shared double room 
EUR 4.028 | DKK 29.810 per person in single room

Price includes: 

  • Round trip flights with taxes from Copenhagen*
  • Car rental, economy car with airport pick up / drop off, free mileage and CDW.
  • 10 nights with breakfast.
    • 2 nights in Tórshavn *Possible to upgrade to Hotel Vágar, contact us for more information.
    • 2 nights in Suðuroy
    • 2 nights in Tórshavn
    • 2 nights in the Northen Islands
    • 2 nights in Eysturoy
  • Wednesday: Sightseeing with driver guide and lunch.
  • Friday: Guide and entre.
  • Saturday: Boat trip to the Vestmanna Cliffs.

* It is also possible to fly from following cities: Billund (Denmark), Edinburgh (Scotland), London (England), Oslo (Norway), Paris (France) and Keflavík (Iceland). Contact us for times / prices HERE...

Not included in the price:

  • Transportation between islands (ferries and subsea tunnels)
  • Travel insurance

Additional purchases are selected upon booking:

  • Monday: Excursion to the bird island Mykines.
  • Thursday: City walk with guide in Tórshavn.
  • Upgrade to a bigger car.  
  • SCDW. Renters liability DKK 7.000,- per damage - which can be reduced to DKK 1.000,- when making an additional insurance (SCDW) at DKK 120,- per rental day.

Please note:

  • B&B accommodation is with shared facilities.
  • Overnight accommodation may vary from those listed in the program.
  • All package tour prices are based on Atlantic Airways lowest published price. The actual price upon booking may be higher.
  • Read our General Conditions HERE...


On this trip, you visit the islands where a red ring is around the island name. The white ring means that you can purchase additional excursions to other islands


Picture: Gásadalur

Picture: The lighthouse on Akraberg in Suðuroy

Picture: Vestmanna Cliffs

Picture: Sub-Sea Tunnel between Streymoy and Eysturoy

Picture: The Seal Woman in Mikladalur on Kalsoy

Picture: The rock formations, Giant and th Witch

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