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winter self drive Explorer  

The Faroe Islands offer unique nature, exciting history and a rich culture. Find yourself being an adventurer and explorer during the Nordic winter time with constantly changing weather. Beautiful sunny days, wild storms with fascinating sceneries, foaming sea, waterfalls, streams and snowy scenes. On this self drive adventure you will experience a bit of everything.

  • TRAVEL: Available every day in the week - 8 days | 7 nights
  • SEASON: 1st September to 30th April (Excluding holidays - i.g. Christmas) 
  • DIRECT FLIGHT FROM: Copenhagen (incl. in the price)

Itinerary: Fly and Drive

DAY 1: Arrival in the Faroe Islands. The village of Gásadalur and impressive vantage points.
Upon arrival to the Faroe Islands, you pick up your rental car at the airport. Experience the island of Vágar. We suggest a visit to the small village of Gásadalur. From here you can walk out on marked nature trails and enjoy the impressive view over Tindhólmur, do not miss the beautiful Múlafossur waterfall that runs in to the ocean. Spend the night on Vágar.

DAY 2: Hike to Trælanípa, Bøsdalafoss and see the Giant and the Witch.
Before leaving the island of Vágar, we suggest hiking to Trælanípa and Bøsdalafoss waterfall. The hike along the lake is an easy and beautiful walk along the old path to the peat field. At the end of the lake is the impressive Bøsdalafossur waterfall, which flows directly into the Atlantic Ocean.

Continue on to the village of Tjørnuvík, surrounded by steep mountains. Here you can see the impressive rock formations the Giant and the Witch. Cross the bridge, that connects the islands of Streymoy and Eysturoy, and drive towards your accommodation on Eysturoy. Spend the night in Eysturoy.

  • Hike on your own to Trælanípa/Bøsdalafoss. Pay hiking fee at the gate.

DAY 3: Visit the village of Gjógv and enjoy the view from Crown Princess Mary´s Bench.
Enjoy the day in scenic village of Gjógv, known for its unique natural harbour and a beautiful view of the island of Kalsoy. The natural harbour is an attraction everyone should take time to see. At the end of the crevice, facing the open ocean, it is possible to enjoy the view from Crown Princess Mary’s Bench.

From Gjógv you can hike up the mountainside to see bird cliffs and enjoy scenic views. Spend the night in Eysturoy.

  • More information about the hike and fee is available at the guesthouse in the village.

DAY 4: Explore the Northern Islands and visit the village Viðareiði
From Leirvík you drive through the sub-sea tunnel to the fishing town of Klaksvík. From the town of Klaksvík you can hike to the top of Klakkur where you have an excellent view of the islands Kalsoy, Kunoy and the town of Klaksvík.

Afterwards you can drive to the small village of Kunoy on the island of Kunoy. Continue to the island of Viðoy to visit the most northern village in the Faroe Islands, Viðareiði, which definitely is worth a visit. Spend the night in the Northern Islands.

  • More information about the hike is available at the Tourist Office in Klaksvík. Closed on Saturdays and Sundays.
  • Enjoy a beer from the local brewery Føroya Bjór. Føroya Bjór has won several commendations and prizes for their beer. 

DAY 5: Visit Kalsoy to see the Seal Woman 
From Klaksvík it is possible to explore the other Northern Islands, each offering dramatic landscapes. With ferry from Klaksvík to the island of Kalsoy, popularly called the Recorder, which comes because of the 12-kilometer long road that winds through four tunnels and connects the islands four villages.

Make a stop at the village of Mikladalur. By the ocean, you can see the beautiful sculpture of the Seal Woman, and this is definitely worth a visit. Also visit the village of Trøllanes far to the north. From Trøllanes it is possible to *hike to the lighthouse Kallin, which is beautifully situated. Remember to bring a bite to eat and something to drink. Spend the night in the Northern Islands.

  • *Hike to the lighthouse is with a local guide and must be booked in advance
  • Visit Leikalund, a historical shop in Klaksvík filled with culture and history, here you will find local art and jewellery. Closed on Sundays.

DAY 6: 
Discover the fjord, Skálafjørðin, the nearby villages and the see the jellyfish roundabout
Visit some of the adjacent villages, for example Oyndarfjørður to see the Rocking Stones, which according to legend are two enchanted pirate ships that lie rocking calmly. Continue to the village of Runavík and visit the local tourist office for information and visiting hours for the old Rectory in the village of Nes. From Nes drive towards Æðuvík, if you like, make a stop and walk to the windmills - a walk many locals enjoy. 

In the village of Toftir, you can visit the yarn store Navia which has a large selection of Faroese sweater, yarn, wool, etc. When heading towards Tórshavn, drive through the sub sea tunnel to see the underwater jellyfish roundabout. Spend the night in Tórshavn.

  • More information about visiting hours are available at the Tourist Office in Runavík. Closed on Saturdays and Sundays.
  • Navia is closed on Sundays.
  • Visit the locals in Tórshavn - Dinner.

DAY 7: Tórshavn and cultural center Kirkjubøur.
Enjoy the day in Tórshavn, but do not forget to visit the village of Kirkjubøur that is the Faroe Islands’ historical and cultural centre. The picturesque farmhouse, Kirkjubøgarður is home to a family who for 17 generations have run the farmstead and ecclesiastic site. See the unfinished Magnus Cathedral and the small medieval church of St.Olav. Spend the night in Tórshavn.

  • City walk in Tórshavn with local guide.
  • Table reservation at a restaurant in Tórshavn.

DAY 8: Departure from the Faroe Islands. 
If you have time, we suggest a visit to the supermarket Miklagarður in SMS shopping centre. Here you can buy a selection of Faroese specialities such as vacuum-packed salmon and salt fish. You can buy Faroese beer in the Tax Free shop at the airport. Return rental car at the airport.

  • The supermarket Miklagarður is closed on Sundays.

Hotel accommodation | Prices from

  • PERIOD: 1 - 30/9
    EUR 1.554 | DKK 11.495 per person in double

  • PERIOD: 1/10 - 30/4
    EUR 1.284 | DKK 9.500 per person in double

Price includes:

  • Round trip flights with taxes from Copenhagen*
  • Car rental, category A with airport pick up / drop off, free mileage and CDW.
  • 7 nights with breakfast. 1 night in Vágoy, 2 nights in Eysturoy, 2 nights  in the Northern Islands and 2 nights in Tórshavn. 

* It is also also possible to fly from following cities: Billund (Denmark), Edinburgh (Scotland), Oslo (Norway), Paris (France) or Keflavík (Iceland). Contact us for times / prices HERE ...

Not included in the price:

  • Transportation between islands (ferries and subsea tunnels)
  • Travel insurance.

Additional purchases are selected upon booking:

  • Day 5: Guided hike to the lighthouse Kallin.
  • Day 6: Visit the locals in Tórshavn - Dinner.
  • Day 7: City walk with local guide in Tórshavn.
  • Upgrade to larger rental car.
  • SCDW. Renters liability DKK 7.000,- per damage - which can be reduced to DKK 1.000,- when making an additional insurance (SCDW) at DKK 120,- per rental day.

Please note:

  • As it is the weather that dictates, we reserve the right to make adjustments to the programme.
  • All package tour prices are based on Atlantic Airways lowest published price. The actual price upon booking may be higher.
  • Read our General Conditions HERE...


On this trip, you visit the islands where a red ring is around the island name. 
Picture: Village of Gásadalur  

Picture: The new subsea tunnel between the island Streymoy and Eysturoy

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